Frankly, Min doesn’t pluerm getting compared w/ kookwan Nadech-Yaya

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  1. Cali girl says:

    Min is beautiful and a great actress but very poor interview answers. She almost sounded bitter unless the translation was a little lost .. Ill look up this interview myself

  2. Shampoo says:

    She sounds more bitter in Thai.

  3. Mai says:

    well yarry fans can be rather annoying sometimes. So I understand why she’s annoyed.

  4. Mai says:

    Dont you notice that some of the stuff they say or do, raeng? Even when Na is spending time with other na’eks Yaya fans get upset and start attacking him. So imagine the stuff they might be saying now about Porhse and Min. And didnt Min and Porshe’s camp get accused of black magic on Yarry? That’s a ludicrous claim. Who else would have stirred that up if not for Yarry fans?

    • Cali girl says:

      True.. The fans can get pretty annoying and crazy, but that’s why people need to have a mind of their own and not determine who they like by other fan clubs. If Min is that simple of a person to get annoyed just because of that then she’s not very smart. IF that’s how she truly feels then is called “hating”. Then again .. A little controversy is always fun. Regardless Nadech, Yaya, Min, and Porshe are great actors n actresses.. Just that .. One couple has a stronger army lol

  5. Sunyah says:

    So what happened to Weir? I thought since their lakorn everyone want them two to be kk? I don’t think I want to see Min & Porshe as kk for CH7. hehe

  6. Lalita says:

    Yeah those two are better together. Physically and chemistry wise. Porsche looks way younger than Min and they have zero chemistry together.

  7. Shasha22 says:

    I don’t see the chemistry between nadech and yaya either..I think for their fans it’s a physical thing(two good looking people). I don’t see the romantic side even in the fan made videos..but that is just my opinion. Also, I was wondering why she seemed so defensive or somewhat insulted by the fact that she was being compared to yarry couple. But you cannot argue or rebuke her for that because if she doesnt want to be attach to that then she doesn’t.

    I love weir and min couple..

    • Demi says:

      Really you don’t think yaya and nadech have chemistry? They don’t even kiss much in movies but they always play well together bringing out emotions. Oh well everybody have their opinions.. As for min.. Seems like she have chemistry with everybody .. On and off the screen lol

  8. Lalita says:

    Do you mean Nadech and Yaya or Min or Porshe? My post was referring to Min and Porshe. Two good looking people do not equal chemistry, lol. There are plenty of stars that co-star that are beautiful together, but with zero chemistry. For the majority of people the couple’s chemistry is undeniable, and than you have the minority thinking else wise.

  9. See says:

    Min comes off slightly rude in this interview. She should acknowledge that being in the industry, she’ll be thrown in all sorts of random news and comparisons whether she likes it or not. Thats the price you pay for being a celeb. She has the right to feel unhappy but that doesnt mean she should give snobby answers. I think it all comes down to jealousy of popularity. She’s always so obvious with her expressions that she doesnt like Yaya lol. Not everyone needs to like Yaya or Nadech for that matter but be a little more professional. She was pretty chill when ppl were comparing her to Aum yet here she sounds like a bitter granny 555. This girl.

  10. Shasha22 says:

    I’m sensing that a lot of people do not like min..but I think having chemistry with a lot of people is not a bad thing as long as it doesn’t go beyond that.. epescially in acting you have to be able to vibe with the people u are working with especially when u have perform “rawr” scenes. I, myself, do not see the romantic chemistry between yaya and nadech but I fully understand why they are being shipped constantly..they play their roles order to rake in the money.

    • Mai says:

      I think in general people are jealous that Min has all the men in this industry in the palm of her hands. All of them are crushing on her at some point…she’s even turning the gay ones straight lol

      • Cece says:

        That’s fine that she’s got all these men and gay men as her minions but she gotta be careful in the entertainment industry especially in Thailand .. Media run her into the ground due to culture. Now in America?… Nobody cares.

  11. Mai says:

    I for one find that she handles herself pretty well in her interviews. I personally didn’t read this interview when I first commented. But now going back and reading it, all her answers are neutral.

    • Demi says:

      I saw the interview. Her answers were ok but the facial expressions says otherwise. She’s a good actress though.. I still like her lol

  12. See says:

    Its a good thing to have chemistry with many people. As nice as it is to have a koo kwan to boost up your popularity, its also important to grow individually and gain new experiences. For me, I don’t think Min is that great of an actress. I can only see her being good if I weigh it down between her and someone like Chat or Mai. She’s decent but she’s pretty annoying on and off screen. Chemistry wise, the only one I thought had chemistry with Min is Om. So many people like Weir and Min but felt absolutely nothing from them so nevermind Porshe and Min. I’m not the biggest fan of Nadech and Yaya but I accept that they have chemistry. Even in a single scene of them just starting at each other and you can feel the intensity. But thats just me lolll

  13. Mai says:

    As much as I loved her with Om, physically I think she looks best with him. They had zero onscreen chemistry, which is odd cause Om has tons offscreen towards her

  14. Shasha22 says:

    As with everything else , who has chemistry and who doesn’t ..who can act and who cannot it is all subjective. I personally prefer min..because yaya is very predictable it’s annoying, Especially when she is acting with nadech. Min is not the greatest but I think she is better than yaya especially when it comes to the emotional aspect but that’s just me.

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