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Gathering unforgettable spicy “Dara Feuding” scandals



It can happen anywhere when it comes to people having different opinion.  In some circumstances, people will have a different view about it and it is no different that celebrities will have different opinion too.  There are times that things happen between siblings, friends and colleagues within the entertainment industry or like our entertainment calls it, “Dara Feuding”.  Some situations are instigated and untrue, but some cases are true with fire to the point they cannot look into each other’s face.  That’s why celebrity feuds becomes hot commodity.  It’s not that every celebrity has to be a “disputant” or that every celebrity finds a problem and fussed with another person to create news and buzz for themselves.  It is because all their popularities are at a different level.  There are only a few celebrities that are constantly involved in feuding news with others.  These are the few “Dara Feuds” that happened in the entertainment that is hard to forget….


Confident actress “Tuk Bongkut”… who is straightforward is also another in the entertainment that is a constant disputant having conflict with people in the entertainment.  The feud with director “Poj Anon” was so spicy that it even reached the courts in 2006, after collaborating in a movie together.  The two have different outlook that it became a war battle for many days that they go to court for slandering.  However, everything ends in confusion when all of a sudden the actress comes back to kiss Poj, and accepted his next movie…

Other than that, the actress still feud with others including “Yaya Ying Ratha”, her co-star in the movie “Jun Dara” because she was upset her script is inferior.  This pair was able to resolve their issues and move on.  She also had a conflict with senior actress “Jik Naowarat.”  News constantly tries to make them argue because Tuk calls Jik “auntie (pah)”.  This feud also ended.  Even after she’s married, she still feud with “Hiso kid,” the son of her husband, Jao Sua Bunchai because he won’t  accept Tuk as his father’s new wife.  This case still leave with us wondering though…



One of Channel’s top leading actress, although receiving an ongoing stream of lakorns she’s not explosively outstanding but more likely to have scandals on the set on a regular basis to the point of earning her title “the leading actress who has no friends.”  The one feud that landed on front page news if one can remember is the feud with “Poo Montana”, the senior actress who exposed Kwan’s ridiculous behaviour.  It became extreme Poo quarrelled with Kwan’s mom, it was fierce, spicy and enjoyable to see.  Then there was also the situation with “Bee Matika”, with gossip claiming these two already don’t like each other as it is.  They were both secretly going behind each other’s back to cheerfully curse the other one out.  Another person who also had news of feuding with Kwan is “Mo Amena” over the case of them messing up the queue resulting in playing for real and slapping for real.  They despised each other so much to the degree of asking to never ever work together again.

Kwan is still not done gaining enemies, “Pancake Khemanit” is also one of them.  The case of “paying respect and receiving a cold shoulder in return” with Pancake ignoring…not accepting Kwan paying her respect with a wai when she saw the actress from the same channel.  The same as “Poo Praya”and “Charm Irvin”, who also has news of not getting along with Kwan as a result of former boyfriends.  However, Kwan has asked to appear at an event with both to clear the news.



She’s considered a new generation na’ek… even though she’s new, her degree of harshness (raeng) can compete with anyone else, “Pooklook Fonthip”, the super confident Miss Pageant! She’s had problem since entering to compete in beauty pageants, becoming among one to have quick feuds in the entertainment circle. It begins with the spicy issue with her senior beauty queen “Kaimook Chutima,” who loves each other well when training her junior for oversea competition.  However, an issue of class division made the senior beauty queen dishearten…

Pooklook’s other conflicts also include her trying hard to be in the same level as senior hot actress “Aum Patchrapa”.  The desperation made the other party annoyed.  However, time has proven that this rumour is untrue. Her issue with “Veerapath” was just as harsh because of love promotion… It didn’t end pretty.  As for her scandal with “Hi-so Tack” that other celebrities help “yesssss (slang for sex?)”  It turned out to be concluded as a misunderstanding.  Her biggest feud is with “Tangmo Pattaratida” result from pra’ek in the same channel. Even “Baitoey R-Siam” and “Mo Amena” got involved in this war too.  Currently it is well known fact that you should never put these two together for any type of work!



Just hearing her name “Ploy Chermarn,” an entire list of all of her conflicts pop in your head.  Beginning with her conflict with “Woody Meeleenotjinda” due to her statement “free works would have to wait,” when Ploy refused to go to Woody’s award.  This is a bit offensive.  She and “Chompoo Araya” were also instigated to feud because the nang’ek from the other channel is stealing all the work.  There is also gossip that “Jui Warattaya” isn’t happy while working with Ploy in the lakorn “Samee Teetra.” The conflict with Gubkgib Sumonthip” resulted from Gubgib  being dissatisfied after breaking up with her handsome boyfriend “Mario Maurer,” but having her (once upon a time close) sister (stabbing) mending her former boyfriend’s heart.

Not just that, but Ploy is also in the news feuding with the director “Mee Chotiron” of “Madame Dun.”  They admit there were problems in the beginning due to different outlook and personal conflicts. However, everything worked out and end beautifully.  As for the feud with Peung Pimpaporn” in which she protects her hi-so friend with the phrase of “they accuse my friend of stealing someone’s husband”.  The most spicy feud that can’t be forgotten is with “Dai Diana” which resulted from “Tar Navin.”  This war is so big that it landed front page news.  There were issues of following to bash at an event, criticizing the guards and announcing never wanting to work together again.  That feud was… super spicy!



Hot at the status of a supstar, of course her lists of conflicts is long too.  Even though “Aum Patchrapa” is constantly force to have conflicts with many people, this number one nang’ek still preserve her good behaviour.  There is true and untrue cases like with “Chompoo Araya ” who moved channels.  They were conflicted with each other during the time Aum still had the status of daughter-in-law of “Rangsisinghpipat.”  “Poo Praya” is also another case due to Aum’s former boyfriend.  Aum was unhappy that the junior nang’ek is devouring her ex-boyfriend.

Another spicy case is with “Kae Rungnapha” that hit the front page news due to the statement “Stroking my boyfriend’s back.”  The supstar was so jealous that it became an argument in the middle of the pub.  Aum also has a headache again when transgender “Aimee Rachapa” came out to expose that Aum’s boyfriend (at that time) invited her up to the condo.  This becomes another big war that many people coming out to protect and defend Aum. This isn’t even including the statement “I can die for my friend” in the war between “May Peungarome” and “Khem Kritira” when Aum tagged along to get their pay back.  This landed front page too…



This bow of feuding… is very special.  Upon mentioning “Tangmo Pattaratida,” the actress with the slogan “Mo is a straightforward person” loses to no one when it comes to feuding with people in the entertainment circle.  Let’s begin with her straightforwardness calling “Janie Tienphusuwan” out for being “aeb baew”.  This probably resulted from Janie exposing Mo of not paying her car payment on time and fighting over the same dress at an event.  This made both of them despise each other’s face.  Tangmo’s was also dissatisfied with sweet nang’ek “Jakjaan Akhamsiri” for a simple matter such as being unhappy with the way Jakjaan painted toenail came out.

Tangmo’s other cases also include entertainment news reporter“Tao TV Pool” that turned into a heated argument in the social network.  During her engagement with her boyfriend, the argument back and forth between them was vulgar and harsh.  It was so fun.  Tangmo also exposed the reporter’s conduct in detail!  “Opal Panisara” is also instigated to argue with the phrase “insulting skin color”.  In conclusion the two of them do know each other. Even though they’re not close, Opal is not mad.  This is similar to “Baitoey R-Siam” and Yaya Ying Ratha” that is always thrown together to have conflict but in reality they are friends.  Also Tangmo can’t run away from her feud with junior nang’ek “Pooklook Fonthip”.  All of a sudden Tangmo is the third hand in Pooklook’s failed relationship even though initially they were friends and siblings from the same channel that were giving each other advice. In this case, Tangmo feels that she is the victim.  Presently, rumour has it that the two is trying best as possible to stay away far from each other.


Translated Article

Source: Sanook | April 6, 2014


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