Gay Man infected with AIDS, exposes Bie before dying

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  1. Rose says:

    Well, I don’t know what other reason this guy has to expose Bie’s past…but not everyone had a perfect past. I find it quite useless in a sense because regardless, Bie is still going to be loved by many such as his big fan base. There are tons of stars with bad pasts yet are still given many job opportunities and etc,.for example, Film and Pinky. Anyhoo, his lakorn ended already anyways. Good thing such news didn’t come out before or during his lakon. That would of sucked. Woder why the guy came out with this right at the end if it, Bie’s lakorn. Besides, he is a star so of course his life is quite the busy one. Maybe this gay guy is just trying to get attention? Or maybe Bie’s attention?

    • teasingonly555 says:

      i second you! i’m hella pissed!!! i don’t care if this guy is gay or HIV positive or dying, any status or condition doesn’t give anyone the right to ruin another’s life via this kind of horrible circus show. even if this turns out to have any half truth, so what? if this guy really cared for bie in anyway, then he wouldn’t had come out to hurt bie and take advantage of bie at this golden part of his career. i understand really, that some people mattered to you at some point of your life, but when opportunity happens and time just tick by, stuff changes. really, with intentions or without, everyone is guilty of forgetting someone in our past. and if they really forgotten you, you are part of the equation of why. if true, good for bie for flying high out away from you because bie is not near perfect, but you are damn farther from it.

      wow! i started using “you”. yeah! my fustration just got personal!!! i feel so angry right now! i’ll have bie in my prayers, sending his strength to get over this. whatever happens, su su, rak bie…samer. khun mee het pon kon khun, chun me hua jai kon chun gaw paw laew…

      • Bebe says:

        Yea this is crazy…. A real loved one wouldn’t even go about doing things like this regardless of how their relationship ended.. If bie did something so bad, then this chiang Mai guy should just let it sit in bie’s conscience and let time and karma do the rest.

  2. jpthao says:

    It funny how Bie actually starred in a lakorn with Aff not too long ago with the same exact storyline….seems suspicious but then again, it could be true. In the lakorn, Bie was so cruel to his gay adopted father until the very end when he realized that the person who had always loved him and stood by him was his father. It’s just so weird to hearing that this storyline may be his own.

    • kyujongnchuah says:

      I was just thinking this. It really reflects Prajan See Roong. There is a Thai lady in my town that loves Bie. She says that when Bie was still a small child in Chiang Mai, she used to babysit him.

      I wonder how many stories there are like this out there about him. The more fame, the more people who will target you.

  3. teasingonly555 says:

    got back from reading the pantip thread…don’t know what to say…

  4. newtolakorns says:

    I have heard so many rumors that many Thai actors are gay and so on. I like Bie and hope this is not true.

    • Mai says:

      lol most of them are involved in “rumors” but they dont get exposed like this situation. Only a few have been publicly exposed lol

  5. UrWorstNightMare says:

    All I can say is. Lmfao. Bie is ugly, he is a horrible singer, and a f***ing bad actor, how in hell did he become a star. This gay dude should just get a grip of reality.

    • Danuch Lim says:

      i don’t know who are you and i don’t know too why you said and hate him like that but for me think he is a good child in his family and best singer in his fan heart.however,i want to answer your question “How in hell did he become a star” the reason that make him become a star because of his talented, hard working especially he have a sweet smile to all people around him.
      it’s just my idea hope you don’t mind it and try to think about it again because i never see a bad action to other or more something bad,else except this news but i don’t believe it because if that Gay man love Bie the most like his said,it surely he can’t do like that because when we love someone we just want to see that guy happy and have a good thing in the life only.

  6. Waverly says:

    Seems like a very bitter man. He should really be focusing on his health…

  7. Kwan says:

    I don’t understand this guy. Like Bie didn’t win The Star 3, he was the runner up. Nobody wanted to take him in after The Star but Khun Boy did. I bet Khun Boy would not like this kind of news. Anyways, Of course Bie would have to be more thankful towards Khun Boy for giving him a chance at becoming a star. I understand that this guy was the “one” who helped Bie to go audition for the Star yet support him but he needs to understand that there’s always a season to everything. You just have to accept the truth. Bie is not going to set this guy as one of his priorities since he has so much more that he needs to set as his priority such as his job, family, and Khun Boy.

    • Shampoo says:

      I think he can visit that guy though. I’m sure he could be free in one day of the year. But according to that guy Bie doesn’t answer his phone either. LOL

      • Kwan says:

        It’ll be funny if Bie came out to say that he changed his number hence that is the reason the guy could never contact him. LOL Anyways, yeah. Now that this kind of news is out, I’m sure they’ll have secret meetings now and clear this up, maybe.

  8. Dreamlove says:

    I don’t believe that Bie is that kind I’d person, he’s really nice, sweet, cute, and act like a gentlemen. Bie isn’t gay, even P’Puri said he isn’t. Bie is also very honest, not a type do lying people, and he believes in karma and stuff. He likes going to the temple and stuff, I totally believe in Bie. That guy is just accusing Bie because Bie is very popular now around the world. Urworstnightmare, I know that everyone has the right to do and say anything, but if you don’t like Bie don’t swear and say bad things about him. You can’t just judge him on the outside, you have to look deep into his heart and his personality. Anyway, I don’t believe that guy at all, when Bie went to enter the star 3 contest, he was entering it because he wants to play around with his parents and wants to be a singer. I don’t know what this guy wants from Bie, but he’s just rude and mean to do this to Bie. No matter what I will always believe in Bie forever.

  9. Kashie19 says:

    Many ppl are asking why this man is coming out and why now? I guess there are things ppl feel they have to do or must do before they die otherwise they cant “rest in peace.” I guess he feel he’s almost doing us a “favor” by exposing the “TRUE” Bie. I don’t mind it at all. For as long as Bie’s been in the industry he’s hardly ever had any bad press. I guess Bie’s gotta learn how to deal with it one way or another. Can’t be the golden child forever. And this man’s got the right to the press. Everyone does. Whether fans choose to believe it or not, and if this is the down fall of Bie or not, its up to the fans and the “elders.” I’ll just be reading.

  10. shahrin says:

    Just rubbish…bogus story…trying to harm other’s honor and fame from jealousy… This dirty efforts will never reach to touch Bie’s honor…He is just outstanding and brilliant

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