Good bye to Dragon year, who is a pain in the butt?

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  1. morningdawn says:

    Does anyone know the answers to who they are?

  2. veebabie says:

    i think the first story might be Vill or might be wrong

    the girly praek might be James ma

    the bearded praek might be Boy parkon

    this are guess

    • morningdawn says:

      U agree that the bearded praek is boy pakorn
      I think the wooden is Son Yuk
      But really cant work out the others havent been keeping upto dateentertainment news 🙁

    • Nplaimdej says:

      Yeah i think the first story is vill too and chinky pra’ek is maybe tono, wooden is son, baby face is mark

  3. amy says:

    i dont know who is who, please clarify?

  4. mowno says:

    the story of girly sounds funny. 555 I guess it’s James Ma. Lol @nang’ek being manlier then him. 555

  5. Shampoo says:

    Hehe I will put down my guess later.

  6. ninjakkn says:

    My answer…

    I read this in Thai yesterday and I don’t think it’s hard to guess at all.

    The first story is View, Chinky P’ek is Tono, Wooden P’ek is Son, Action Baby Face P’ek is Mark, and New Avid P’ek is not even a p’ek he’s the new supporting actor in Raeng Ngao who recently made news with her.

    The second story is some new actor at channel 3, I don’t know which one but it’s one of the James because action producer is Chatchai.

    Good mouth actress is Tangmo because she admitted to coming to the set late because of her late night partying. But she made an excuse for herself too by saying all actors come to work late sometimes and her lateness is appropriate. Appropriate Lateness…haha. And the article did describe the P’ek as being muscular, an obvious hint that it’s Weir.

    Charming n’ek is Janie.

    Bearded P’ek is Boy Pakorn. Duh

    Country singer nang’ek is Pao Paowalee. She has this cute rural innocent attitude to her so hopefully the entertainment world doesn’t corrupt her. But she seem level-headed so I think she’ll be fine.

  7. Shampoo says:

    I agree with Ninja!

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