Goodness! With 5 godly handsome Supstar opening Ae Supachai’s project

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  1. :) says:

    They need to take out Weir. Cuz, Weir ….. Ur too old.

  2. Okay says:

    Weir has the best body though compared to all the young ones, the old man still got it. His body looks toned and he looks taller than them too.

  3. Laila says:

    This almost like 4+1 but without Mark and Boy. 555 I don’t really know how I feel about this. It feels and look kind of weird. I like Weir but he makes it seem…weird just cause the others are all still young looking and still quite young…er. 555

  4. -A says:

    This reminds me of the ch3 4 + 1 concert. Except Mark and Boy will not in here, because they’re not under Ae’s agency. James Ma totally replaced Mark’s spot. If Mark was still with Ae he would of been here. Now, I’m confused. I thought Nadech is no longer under Ae’s agency, likw his contract with him is done. Why is it that Ae still take care of his work and is always with him?

  5. dreamer says:

    agreed. weir just look so weird when group w those youngsters. doesn’t blend in at all.

  6. aymieluvsyu637 says:

    a concert huh.. James Ma, Nadech, and Weir can sing but I don’t know about the other 2. I haven’t heard Mario and Ken P sing before. They should have James Ma sing an American song or two, he is fluent in English.. HOTT!!

  7. Berry says:

    It’s either some of you are too young or just never followed weir because he fit perfectly fine to me in this group. He’s not that old and probably has much more achievements in his career than some of them. Gee, p ae really know how to pick his kids and market them though!

  8. heart__mk says:

    It’s odd looking James Ma is so akward looking here! We’re looks too dark here and he looks so goofy in the first picture. This is just a want to be 4+1. They can’t replicate what was already done with out all the originals 🙂

  9. Gabee Choeun says:

    Weir looks HOT, personally I’d prefer Weir over them young buck any day, you know the what they say “The older you are the wiser you get”.

  10. Susy says:

    i just want only 2 of them “WEIR and NADECH” the others in the CARBAGE !!!

  11. happy says:

    I know James Ma, Weir, and Nadech have good voices, I haven’t heard Ken P. and Mario sing yet.

  12. happy says:

    Wow Nadech gained some weight. Hope he works out a bit before October.

  13. says:

    WHOOT WHOOT! i wished i lived in thailand just so i could go and see these guys! Five hot men on one stage! Dang!

  14. alwaizemeeh says:

    lol Weir is not old. I’m friends with a 30 year old and I’m 21. I think Weir fits perfectly fine in here and so does James Ma. They’re all very attractive pra’eks. Nadech is no longer contracted by Ae but he is still under Ae’s management. If he leaves there will be no legal dispute. He justs wants to be with Ae though. Mark left Ae’s management on his own terms and there was no legal dispute because he was no longer contracted.

  15. funthoughts101 says:

    I dont think Weir is too old lol Mario is 26, Weir is like 2 years older. It is more appropriate to say he looks out of place because he is the only ch7 actor in the group lol

  16. Noodleluv1999 says:

    Yup … weir is not old .. He still hot in my opinion .. It’s just he been around longer than the others

  17. Kreeta Chutasot says:

    I would like to add that Wier looks more matured compared to the other 4 ‘baby faces’ guy. So, in terms of poster boy look, he will look rather out of place amongst the 4 younger (face looking) guys.

    Nadech can sing very well. Not only that, he can stir the crowd and work them with his cheeky moves on stage! Mario can rap well. Ken has the weakess voice ( & Mark ) during the 4 + 1 super star concert. Unfortunately, Boy is not in as he is not in the same agency. But he can sing very well too.

    James Ma seems to have some singing experience. He took part in the singing competition ‘The Star 7’ year. He did not make it to the top 8 though. Hope that he can perform some good singing skills.

  18. GJ says:

    Actually, Mario sings not well but ok. It’s better than before when he debut and he can rap 😀 Fans will come to meet him and go crazy xD

  19. Kidtueng says:

    Dude If weir clean his hair facial he will look young and cool than all the guy here. He just not look fresh on this day and He is the only actors that from ch7 so yet he will get more interest on the look.

    • chooksoo says:

      I also think Weir looks better clean shaven …like his look in earlier lakorns …Dang Duang Haruthai , Wong Wien Hua Jai etc

  20. FANofALL says:

    I think it’s kind of weird too. Lol. Not because Weir is old, but because he’s too dayum hot. Look at that bronze body. Everyone is a pretty boy, but not Weir. Mm, mm he is one fine-looking man.

  21. Gosh we are all excited especially mario’s international fans who are planning to go in this concert. See u intl fans . mario maurer international fc fight fight!

  22. LikeMario says:

    Prefer mario, only him. No matter he can sing or not, it is enough to only see his handsome face.

  23. Vinita pak says:

    Weir is very handsome, the best sing and he is not old. For me compared to the other 4 guy weir is the best and he is very hot hot !!!!!!!!!!!

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