Gossip! Nadech Kugimiya already has a girlfriend, Yaya is just a cover up

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  1. fafar259 says:

    He’s so tight lipted about his relationship. his action, the way he talk & look at yaya outside their lakorn prove everything. Its not like i’m being too delusional but as a fan we can see it tho nadech totally has a feeling for yaya. Yay too. But mybe he doesnt want to admit it yeah obviously for the sake of privacy. Its okay if both of u dont want to admit it, just let it go with the flow & as one of yadech fans i hope both of them has a happy relationship hee . Keep us finnn 🙂

  2. selina says:

    If he has a girlfriend or she has a boyfriend; the two are saints and where can I find someone so understanding? While I find he and Yaya cute, I don’t ship ship it, but like I said their signficant others are very understanding (unless they been the ones taking the pics and hiding behind the scenes and even then…whoa hella of understanding). The merit making, the shared family trips, how much she hangs out with is family, how much he hangs out with hers, the looks, etc, etc. But really, sometimes I think he and Yaya are dating then other times I think they are just really close and comfortable bffs (yes boys and girls can be just friends) whatever they are or aren’t I wish them continued popularity and to please continue giving me at least one drama together once every two years or so.

  3. Lyly says:

    I couldn’t find any more adorable, mature, and kind hearted girl than yaya. Let’s say If she’s not his real girlfriend, he’s not a lucky man then.

  4. Berry says:

    If it’s for the sake of privacy I understand. If they’re really not together, I still understand. They are both good people with or without each other so I think fans should ease up on seeing them as a whole because they are venturing out with absolutely new people within the next couple of years. Unlucky if yaya isn’t his real girl though? Lol No disrespect to Yaya, but he is absolutely fine without her.

  5. RYYRN02 says:

    I’m glad he is tight-lipped about his personal life. He has that right to keep quiet about his personal life. It would be great if they were a couple and they look so cute together, but it is their choice.

  6. Stella says:

    This is classic PR move, why doesn’t everyone understand that the more they play this “are they/aren’t they” game, the more people keep wanting to hire them for lakorns, events etc. If they went ahead and just admitted it, they’d get booked as a couple but people would eventually get sick of them. In this case, all the young fan girls will go see Nadech and Yaya at anything they go to- to try to see how close or cute they are in person- but they can still dream about dating him because he’s still “available.” Typical fan behavior and these two are just fanning the flames. Its actually pretty disrepectful of them to do this to their fans as they’re basically just messing with their minds. For god’s sake, didn’t anyone wonder why out of nowhere are Mark and Kim going around now at events hinting they are possibly dating? Its all for money at the end of the day.

  7. haru says:

    sometimes i just hope fans to live in reality.of course i do love yadech too but they still have loooong way to go and there are many things wait them in future so many thing can happen to them through all those years.i’ve already experience with my phil couple (kris+jericho).i believe they do have explosive chemistry than yadech when talk about acting.that is why this couple became the heartthrob of phil years before.they did became couple for real once since so many people root for them but in the end both of them got married to other people.so what can we expect more..
    i just feel fan’s need really put yadech and people around them in difficult situation.SOME of them are to obsessive of them to the part other people can’t be close to them.just take example of pat situation before.it kind of irk me.pat is still young but need to faced with this immature fans..gosh.
    there is time i just hope yadech to take few years off from each other so they can teach the fans that their life are not based on what the fans wanted.they have a life too so whoever they want to end up with is up to them.

    my friendly advice,to ny hardcore fans don’t put high hope on them so much.it will hurt you and them also in the end if the thing didn’t go like what the fans want.

  8. It is better not to expect too much about yadech’s future union as husband and wife…..but it is fun to fin their current secret love affair hahaha I understand nadech he lies in the name of privacy

  9. Kk says:

    Lol when it comes to yadech people dont care if he already have a gf or not. I feel bad for his gf if he has one. His fans are nuts and cruel

  10. Mey says:

    Lmoa, that’s no doubt.

  11. Smey says:

    If they really an off screen couple… I’ll be super happy…… cheer them. .

  12. hoang binh anh says:


  13. “watch lakorn”

    i love how he answer it like this..avoiding the question, promoting his lakorn at the same time.

  14. Seak lang says:

    For me I’d like to yaya and nadech become girlfriend and boyfriend.

  15. angielee says:

    thank you for making it clear, pe nadech.
    haru, i like your comment up there. i agree every thing you said. 10 years from now if this two dont end up together, its okay. its enough already that we have love nadech and yaya once a life time, even though its only like a dream or a short period time. wish them the best luck in life…………… nadech love yaya!!!!

  16. Kimyang Sok says:

    I support if Nadech and Yaya become a couple.I love two of you so much.

  17. Kimhaknochange@gmail.com says:

    If it like this . Why does Nadech cheat us that he has special already. ?? I don’t know why he cheat us???

  18. Lucyta says:

    hi i am a huge fan of yours

  19. I m wishing to this actors all the best in their life.For sure this couple isnt dating.They make it as it is so that audience can watch them all the time.Sometimes Im wondering if hes actually man or gay. Hope hes not…Ofcourse as an actor Nadech is amazing.I love all the lakorns that hes playing

  20. Dew says:

    I think they still have no relationship except profesionalism.. i still dont get their chemistry out of drama..

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