Gossips of James Ma is gay; Mint denies spreading it

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  1. Wisteriyah says:

    Is it me or are Mint’s answers really confusing? ” play like a man”? What the heck is that supposed to imply? Sounds like she’s slipped it out…

  2. Kizukami says:

    I don’t think it’s her? lol maybe she would be joking like “he’s gayyy” but she didn’t mean it?

  3. ash30 says:

    Always be cautious of a joke, there is hint of truth to it.

  4. See says:

    So James went from being anti social to playing like a man? LOL. The fact that she went and told the media about her being scared of his social awkwardness would make people suspicious of her but I don’t think it’s her doing.

  5. neena says:

    They r always attacking james ma!! Wth!! Poor guy. I havent heard anything good abt him but strange enough he was the only one who caught my attention in the gentlemen series.

  6. veebabie says:

    I dont know why the media doesnt like james ma, they always have something bad to say, if I was mint I would say he kissed me so im sure he is a man but then again gay guys do kiss gals lol

  7. Mai says:

    I dont get how James is being attacked. Actors will land in the news one time or another. If anyone is to blame it’s Chalida from her very first interview on him lol. From saying he’s anti social to now being accused of starting up his gay rumours. Dont blame the press for writing the news, they’e just the messenger. Dont shoot the messenger, shoot the culprit

  8. veebabie says:

    yes she did say he is anti social but you dont blame her for the for the bad press,she did admit that at first they didnt talk ,even james himself said at first he didnt know how to communicate with mint c (something like that) thats why mint thought he was anti social but her saying he is anti social doesn’t bring all the bad press about him

    for me i blame the press coz some press just take things too far,i aslo believe sometimes they make things up

  9. It not her….. Maybe people just hating James and saying it her and it cute how she said HIS MY PRA’ek

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