Government Officials Deny Involvement in “Neua Mek 2” Ban

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  1. Lalita says:

    Thats a pretty rude comment on his part, especially his use of the f word.

    • lazydramafan says:

      I agree that Dome was really impolite and unnecessarily rude. I won’t defend him and it doesn’t help the situation. But if they all did actually rush to make a episode 10, so that NM2 could have any ending at all, I can understand him and his frustation. Even though Dome can’t be a role model if people are really considering something over NM2 plot and content as important anyways or see the possible mix of fiction with real life people and events. Dome plays as Jak on NM2, the bad and evil politician that was trying to do lots of bad actions and killings in the plot. lol So people shouldn’t take him that seriously on NM2 fiction grounds, but as an professional actor and the son of famous daras he should be more careful with words and timing, but for those that follow or know him, he seems to usually do some polemic posting on IG. Since TD, Dome is a source and a public teaser from some Mteam shippers. I don’t know much about him, but he does act good in rai characters in lakorns in my opinion. I do feel a little dumb though looking at his post, because neither is mom’s or Matt’s comment made too much sense to me with the photo at first sigh. It took me a while to understand what could be funny about it. I confess that I can be slow and dumb to interpret ironic and rude words use sometimes though.

  2. Shampoo says:

    Yeah talk about rude.

    Many speculations says that the last three episode contains content inappropriate that break the laws. It is deem inappropriate by CH3 thus the call for abrupt removal. Some people says CH3 is the one approve of making this lakorn, they would have known what the lakorn contains. However, it seems like fear took over as they can lose their license to make lakorn. They would rather lose millions of money to remove Nuea Mek 2 and keep themselves out of jail.

    Some people still believe that the government push CH3 to ban the lakorn. They also push CH3 to come out with a statement that it has nothing to do with the government calling for the ban. They also want Chatchai to put the last three episode on youtube to show what deems inappropriate.

    Some say he can put it up but if he goes to jail. No one can help it.

    I wonder, don’t you have to get a warrant to ban something? It’s so easy as you need to remove this lakorn? It must have been serious if CH3 is not going to fight it.

    The Thais are very divided so they take sides. And they’ll throw anything to make the other a villain.

  3. Mai says:

    what kind of content would deem inappropriate to the point of a jail sentence? I’m so confused

    coming from any other producer I would believe that the lakorn was purely entertainment. But this family has something against the Shinawatras, so it’s hard to say they’re not biased in their opinions. They even have their son from a younger generation involved

  4. Shampoo says:

    I don’t know. But think about it… they’re so vocal about their distaste in the government. If there isn’t anything wrong, why don’t they fight for it? Heck, they could have make this huge.

    Some say it break Article 37 and Article 112. But it not concrete evidence. Some people it has nothing to do with the clause. Pure speculation and trying to blame the production team. This is all pure talk. No evidence.

    Article 37 Company Act and Broadcasting Act of 2551 states they do not allow to air content that is deem to overthrow the democratic government with the King as Head of State or affect the stability of the states, public orders or good morals of the people.Or of obscene which may impact the mental deterioration of serious public health.

  5. Sunny says:

    Maybe it has something to do with Tanksin’s court case and jail time that he was to serve instead of going into self exile, it probably had somethings to do with that case, I can think of nothing else. Maybe they are trying to show the audience that’s how it supposed to be not let him go off to Dubai like that? lol for Tanksin supporters that would cause such an uproar so I think if its going to be about that its best to have been taken off, the lakorn will get in trouble which lead to the station etc etc.

  6. Mai says:

    According to the articles I read there’s a couple characters in there said to shadow real life people, and this is what gets sticky. One being the PM in the lakorn is said to be Thaksin. Thaksin owns a satellite company, and in the lakorn it kinda touches base on that along with the corruption.

    Second being the na’ek, her name is similar to one of Thaksin’s daughter, not sure why that’s relevant….unless she’s the pm’s daughter in the lakorn? I’m not watchning this myself so I dont know

    Then third the character that Ah-Too plays is said to be a portrayal of a real life person too.

    According to ch 3, it was their own decision to pull it off air because they’re afraid of breaking article 37 and 112

    • lazydramafan says:

      After reading this article I got inspired to make some comments about NM2. Finally someone said something about the discussions over NM2 plot or content, thank you very much Mai for the shadows of real life people comment. Also thank you Shampoo for the legal articles translations and context discussion. Thank you Sunny for the informations about Tanksin or Thaksin. So there is some connections with satellites, Thaksin owns a satellite company. If there will some voting over satellite matters or there is a voting planned to happen about that subject than Ninjakkn thoughts over NM2 and the Noks couple position may have a point on NM2 alrealdy broadcasted content. Ninjakkn, I am supposing you did watch NM2 from your comment that you think that Nok Chatchai and Nok Sinjai used the lakorn to project their own political statements. As I have no idea what those political statements are so I can’t connect them to NM2 content, but what I do ask myself is: were viewers watching the lakorn with all this possible political thoughts in mind? From the confusions and diversity of discussions there are over the NM2 ban, it doesn’t seem to be the case, of course I can be wrong. Whatever possible bad political messages NM2 content has people don’t seem to clearly know or define what was it or is it. As NM2 had a maxim of possible three episodes to end, it is surprising that its content has so serious problems. So wrong or right decision by channel 3, it doesn’t matter too much now, as long as they may explain their decision or say they made a mistake airing NM2 from the start may help a little the situation. If some people accept that there is no goverment involvement, some viewers may have to think how much they may trust channel 3 broadcasts criterions to lakorns content from now on. I do see better ways to deal with this particular situation, if they would accept some free advices I would gladly try to give some to help out. About Thaksin being the owner of a satellite company, it is a little strange connection with NM2 plot, because the onwer of the company on the lakorn is Prae (n’ek)’s mom. N’ek’s mom wishes that Prae gets married with Jak (Dome), the bad politician that can make her satellite company win even more money by corruption. So na’ek name being similar to one of Thaksin’s daughter maybe was the connection made together with the satellites to make the association withTanksin or Thaksin. I couldn’t find who is Ah-Too so I could search who his character was on NM2. I understand the concerns about the government and Thailand politics, but being honest lots of people are talking lots of things all together, that the discussion over NM2 content and its ban are getting lost or going to unnecessary levels. In NM2 plot, Jak has the political power and he wishes to steal the Prime Minister position and Winyoo (Nok Chatchai) has the black magic powers, both of them were people that lost their way, so they weren’t always bad or only did bad things in their whole life. Jak father death changed the way he saw life and values. For Winyoo unrequited love, jeously and wish to ultimate super and imortal magical powers made him turn evil. If someone may have a bad impression over the government about corruption watching NM2, it does surprise me a little, because Jak has to control minds and order or kill good people so that he may reach or get his projects approved. There is few politicians that Jak tries to convince to join him on his corrupt ways, he does basically tells Winyoo to control their minds for them to follow him. Corruption and money can be seen as a important topic when Prae’s mom comes into the picture, but for Jak and Winyoo corruption is a side issue compared to the killings and plans they do to gain more political power for Jak and magical power for Winyoo. Jak and Winyoo don’t even get along with each other, Jak needs Winyoo magical powers, but the reasons why Winyoo needed Jak were still unclear. So if there is a possible association to Tanksin’s court case and jail time that he was to serve instead of going into self exile then Jak ending may be the problem, but he is kinda of a crazy character that does not have too much patience. If Jak’s character would end on exile, probable NM3 would be more than a rumor, I think. It seems that the script writer of NM2 did say that they discussed about a possible NM3, but nothing concrete until NM2 ban. This is one of the last news video that was shared at AF: credits: mpksomtwo. It seems they said that there was no way that the politician was involve in NM2 ban and one of the motives given was that he could not have watched the lakorn overseas anyway. LOL If they really said that, well they for sure need some help when adressing the public in difficult situations. I am overseas even in another continent nor rich as some politicians are and I can watch lakorns live on internet. If the goverment officials did deny their involvement in a direct way, NM2 ban would not seem relevant to them at all. So it would be only channel 3’s problem. If they were diplomatic while denying their involvement, they should have said some careful words supporting a little channel 3 decision and right to select or ban lakorns with unsuitable and inappropriate for broadcasting content. Something like: Please let’s all try to understand that decision like that are made thinking about serious matters and to prevent further or even more sad events from happening….bla bla bla….we do understand all points of view and the complexity of the situation, but there wasn’t a governament participation over this matter….bla bla bla…we sincerely hope channel 3 may help the sad viewers of the lakorn with unsuitable and inappropriate for broadcasting content to understand and accept their prudent decisions to try to protect viewers and their staff from indesirable possible conflicts or future problems (They shouldn’t say the name of the lakorn. Now is the time for teaching that lakorns described like that have reasons to be ban, if they said NM2 name liked or not, it does promote curiosity over NM2 without a ending and the specific lakorn ban sounds relevant to them too, even if it is not the first ban on Thailand TV lakorns history records). As a NM2 viewer I can go on and on over all the discussions about NM2 content already broadcasted, which are few among some international fans. But as a worried fan of daras on NM2, RP and of other channel 3 actors and actresses too that may take polemic or controversial positions over this matter, just wish to see this all end as better and as sooner as possible.

  7. Shampoo says:

    So, how is NTBC (I think that’s what they are) going to fight for Ch3 will CH3 is adamant they’re the one pulling it out? The many public still don’t believe that CH3 removed it themselves.

    Some people ask, if you are willing to believe the government is the one doing this, why can’t you believe Ch3 might really be the one to make their own decision?

    HAHAh But anyway, I think CH3 removed it themselves.

  8. Mai says:

    I posted a link at spicy, and it says in there too that channel 3 made their own decision to pull it off air. Personally I dont think it was their own decision to pull it off air because who wants to lose millions? The crew has already been paid, who wants to take a loss? They might have took initiative to pull it off air after it caused a wildfire. I believe someone made some calls. Maybe the remaining content did have stuff that was too drastic to air. I cant imagine what though. However I think that production or the team spoke too soon about the ban (Why even point fingers, it’s only going to cause more chaos)….cause initially they were allowed one extra episode to conclude the lakorn, instead it was pulled off air completely.

  9. Shampoo says:

    I think they wanted to do it quietly but the production team and actors spoke too soon. Cuz it spread like willdfire.

    Personally, they rather remove the lakorn then lose their license. They probably think if caught will meet with more serious consequences.

  10. Mai says:

    I think if they waited it out, fans would at least get to see the ending. It was the script writer that gave an interview on it? Or was it Sinjai?

  11. Shampoo says:

    It spread from Chalida’s Fanclub Facebook. They hinted it has to end on Friday because of a political issues. Then the writer (another writer, not from NM) says she knows inside story.

    Then Sinjai give hints on IG and many fans give support. “Whatever happens already happens.” IT’s something along that line. I don’t remember.

    Now, Sinjai they are saying, the people who don’t know anything shouldn’t make assumption. BLAH BLAH

  12. ninjakkn says:

    People are blaming the government for the ban even though channel 3 have come out to say they pulled the lakorn off air on their own because they find that the remaining episodes might violate the law.

    Personally I think Nok Chatchai and Nok Sinjai used this lakorn to project their own political statements and seeing how they truly dislike the current administration the last few episodes might be really offensive for the channel to axe it. The executives probably find it too offensive toward the government and Channel 3 doesn’t want to risk their company reputation or their license just so the husband and wife team can put through their political agenda.

    If it does violate article 37 I think channel 3 made the right decision, It’s better to lose some money than to have the company go down.

  13. Mai says:

    It’s pretty obvious that the family hates the current government lol. Why else would a mother encourage her son to demean an elder? Usually mothers don’t cheer their kids on to make fun of others

  14. Sunny says:

    Unless the people have already died, making lakorns about them would cause problems lol.

  15. Pweei says:

    Lately Mark Prin’s fan page shared this : does that mean that they didn’t break any article and the lakorn’s gonna be aired? (:

  16. ninjakkn says:

    Yeah their disdain for the current administration is pretty obvious…My mom would have lectured me if I speak ill or make fun of the elders like that.

    From the video above, the Constitution Protection Organization is saying that they’ll sue channel 3 for infringing on the freedom of speech of other people because they don’t feel that the aired episodes were inappropriate in any way.

    But from watching the news channel 3 has already testified that the remaining episodes does indeed violate article 37 of the constitution.

    This issue is just getting worse and the different sides are using it for political gain.

    Anyway, the copyright of the lakorn belong to channel 3 and they have every right to pull anything that they deemed as inappropriate, it’s not up to the viewers. For them to come out and say it violate article 37 is a serious matter, they wouldn’t say that out of the blue if they don’t have a strong case for it.

    And this lakorn is not the first lakorn to be banned by a particular channel because channel 7 banned a lakorn about corruption in the police force 20 years ago after the polices came out in high numbers to protest it, they axed that lakorn from the original 24 episodes down to 17 episodes.

    Nok Chatchai can sue channel 3 if he doesn’t think so but he hasn’t done anything about it yet. And I don’t think he would because he’s still working under channel 3 and if it does violate article 37 he would be risking his own career.

    • lazydramafan says:

      I understand you and our position about Channel 3 copyrights, but do think that some people just wish to understand Ch.3 decision, if it is a right or wrong decision is another story. As channel 3 officially said just recently that NM2 last episodes content is against the law that also doesn’t sound well for the channel either, because they did not check before airing NM2. NM2 wasn’t broadcasted while it didn’t finish filming as it does happen with some other lakorns and its content was almost in the end. Also as long as channel 3 shows a little respect for the viewers of NM2, what they weren’t careful enough to do with simple things as taking out NM2 from their public site programation, maybe some people could have more patience to calm down and understand their decision or point of view. If Ch. 3 shows a little respect and consideration to its viewers with more careful words, people will recover trust on them faster. It took channel 3 too much time to give a law explaination when rumors were flying high to other directions, so now they need to do a better job cleaning up this mess. If their decision was carefully made, they need to train their staff a little to deal with difficult and public situations, because when people get emotionally involve it, they won’t take the time to think that Ch. 3 has the right to do whatever they want with the lakorns that belongs to them. If Ch. 3 had said the urgent ban decision happened, because of a new aspect or something that they did not notice before or some mistake they made it when they checked the content for the first time, anything does help. The respect to viewers feelings it can be a good business tatic, because some fans and viewers actually hoped to watch NM2 end on saturday and some others even until sunday, just because Ch. 3 kept the lakorn on their schedule programation. So some NM2 viewers and fans still trust Ch. 3, even though they are still basically disappointed.

      People may be using all of this for political issues, but as far as and as little as I know there was no protest situation similiar to 20 years ago ban or even people doing political movements based on NM2 plot before the ban, was there? The discussion seems to be the ban itself, because over NM2 content or plot I do see little discussions about it. I don’t know, I am just asking and trying to understand as you and Sunny seem political informed over past facts and situations. So as channel 3 officially shared their reasons to the ban, they just have to explain a little their difficult to deal with everything previously, hope their meeting will help them out.

      The rumors about the government involvement are actually a little good for channel 3’s relations with the viewers and the ban does sound better and more understandable with the government involvement. lol Either way, it is not the main issue now, ch. 3 has to clean up things at least a little and faster that they did until now. More and more people that actually aren’t interested on NM2 content at all are voicing their opinions with or without information about lots of different subjects. Ch. 3 is lucky to have RP to replace NM2 to distract and attract viewers, but that just solves some of their concerns about ratings and their image.

      So channel 3 has already testified that the remaining episodes of NM2 do indeed violate article 37 of the constitution officially and some viewers wish to check their position, so they are saying that the ch. 3 decision is the one that violates article 37 of the constitution. Complicated indeed. I don’t know if there is a consultative official legal organ or judical action that ch. 3 may start themselves just to show their good will to viewers demand or something to check the episodes content violation presence or not, but things are getting bigger so if they did not call the lawyers yet, hope they do it soon. Actually hope some lawyer did follow all of their process decision since its begin, because some people get easily bothered with technical talks, so please hope they get a lawyer to explain Ch. 3 decision. I don’t know how Thailand law works, but I do know somethings about law.

      Nok Chatchai has few grounds to try to sue Ch. 3 anyways, unless he would do it as a concerned citizen nor as a business partner or an employee. Ch. 3 already paid for everything, so there is no damage and they are the copyrights owners. He is not even on Thailand, unless he has already got back with Mark, Dome and others from their trip. I don’t think he would sue Ch. 3 either, because it does sound expensive as he is making a lakorn and has at least more two rumor project lakorns. As Nok Chatchai is working with Chalida (NM2 n’ek) on his current lakorn production and has rumors for a future lakorn with Mark (NM2 p’ek), Ch.3 doesn’t have too much options as to ignore the discussions and move on. Also they better organize their interviews and NM2 daras collective interviews really nicely, because it seems like nobody from the channel may comment over NM2 ban and everyone knows they can’t comment.

      Thank you all for the discussions, informations and opinions. It does help to talk about it and read different opinions here and there. I could learn a little about Thailand law too, recent constituions are quite interesting for me. I am tired already, so I guess some people in Thailand are tired too, but for sure they do face lots of stress from all the situation which in the end is just sad. But there is some funny sides about this: if Ch. 3 releases a NM2 DVD version with any ending, they will make some money and if they eventually broadcast any suitable ending in the future, people may or not watch it if they know about it. I will keep a little hope over the DVDs and hope for articles translations of Ch. 3 final and last statements over NM2 ban soon. 🙂

  17. Shampoo says:

    If it’s really violates, then you can’t really air it to show as evidence like the viewers demand. Rolleyes.

    I believe every side is using it for political gains.

    If they’re talking about freedom of speech…. puhleaseeeeeee they banned daras that take political side. That’s not call censoring of freedom of speech?????

    They shouldn’t even talk about FREEDOM OF SPEECH because that is a laugh. How embarrassing.

  18. Mai says:

    The public feels it’s ok for them to censor celebrities, but dont anyone dare to make that decision for them lol

  19. Shampoo says:

    Why are we worrying about censoring when they do censor all the time? Roll eyes. Like I say, if they have such thing as freedom of speech, they wouldn’t ban celebrities that take political side. So, for this situation it’s national interest but I don’t really care. Lol

    They want to be fair? Did they ever think it was fair for the celebs in the past that got banned? Lets not start sounding so self righteous, Thailand.

    It would defeat the purpose if ch3 banned the lakorn to air it as evidence. Lol Thais make no sense. They just want to prove that it’s the government so they can stomp on the government more.

  20. Mai says:

    This whole controversy has sparked international attention. Cant believe how fast the wild fire spread

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