Grate Warintorn refutes touching Preem more than appropriate

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  1. Kay says:

    I remember watching their interview on the tonight show. They both mentioned about the need to hug or hold hands before shooting scenes together. The host was a little flabbergasted and I was a little taken aback at how forthcoming they were. In all honesty, there isn’t anything wrong with him being all touchy feely (he does it with the Juthathep boys too lol) so long as he knows his boundaries. And I reallyyyyy wish they would stop emphasizing his “dark” skin.

  2. Maï says:

    I like his Dark Skin. I fell for him because of this skin.

  3. Maï says:

    Some Praek are really ugly because they don’t have dark skin. they should know this but they are blinded.

  4. Malailee says:

    There is nothing wrong being dark skin…actually he is my fav Praek.

  5. LakornFan says:

    Why must the emphasize his dark skin tone? Lmao. I guess that’s his trademark? But I’ve seen a lot darker actors than Grate back then. Lol. Whether our not he has a dark complexion, Grate is quite a handsome fellow. I’ve never seen his lakorns thought XD.

  6. val says:

    i totally agreed he is one hot guy and his dark skin tone just makes him look more handsome, he is cute in his acting too

  7. Panini says:

    Really…so what he is dark.

  8. Mai says:

    Where in this article do they criticize him for being dark skinned? Or that’s just their description of him? It’s fans that’s making it an issue by putting emphasizes on his dark skin

    • Kimberly says:

      The first sentence, Mai.

      “Just being close to junior actress “Preem Ranida” because of acting in “Samee” together make this dark skin pra’ek “Grate Warintorn” seen as pra’ek octopus due to their touchiness.”

      • Mai says:

        They’re just giving him a descriptive title, not making it into an issue. Like a lot of thai stars are given descriptive titles….like Pong is known as wide mouth pra’ek, Um is known as red lip pra’ek, Oil is known as pra’ek taewada, Dome is known as godly looking pra’ek, vier is either referred to as dark skinned pra’ek or muscular pra’ek, etc etc etc

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