Green ignores suggestion of outshining Min

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  1. Sunny says:

    I think depending on some episodes, I feel some episodes there is more of her character less of Min but still have Min but than some episodes she’s hardly on and Min character comes on a lot, I think the character that comes on sooooooo often is Green’s dad in the lakorn he’s like the main or something, on more often than Porshe, Green and Min 5555+

  2. Mai says:

    that’s why they say Green is the love child

    thanks shamp

  3. Kizukami says:

    i dont watch this lakorn but I can tell exactly that Green is like the N’ek in here, if anything, she got more scenes LOL like u can’t even tell Min is the N’ek, the N’ek is insignificant somehow

    • Sunny says:

      I beg to disagree because I’m watching this and certainly I think they have equal scenes, one episode may feel Green has more but than the next episode Min will come on more that we hardly see Green. In the last couple of episodes have been about Min alot. Next episode will have more Green though because its been about Min lately lol.

      • Mai says:

        Well sweets, they shouldnt have equal scenes, one’s a na’ek the other a nang rai. Na’ek should have a lot more lol

        • Sunny says:

          She’s not n’rai, she’s friend/sister with Min character, she is pék boss so she has a lot of scenes on but I still don’t think she outshining Min character or have more scenes than Min character. BUT what I know is that THE MEN (bad n good guys) HAVE MORE SCENES THAN THE GIRLS Y___Y

          • Shampoo says:

            Sunny, she’s just a secondary character, even second nang’ek shouldn’t get that much focus. Basically, Green has too many scenes and story.

  4. Sunyah says:

    I haven’t watch this lakorn yet. Just watch some scene here and there. Even if Green is outshining Min or not…I think maybe next year will be Green year. She slowing getting more lakorn and and becoming more popular. The way she getting none stop lakorn even if its prime time or event lakorn. She going to be the “it” for CH7 for next year.

  5. Vivi says:

    I like Green’s character better than Min.

  6. Shampoo says:

    There shouldn’t have been an equal scene since Min is the nangek, unless Green’s character is more prominent.

  7. Mai says:

    I can put my bets on it that Green wont ever be the “it” girl for ch 7. There’s plenty ahead of her. Even if Min’s character is minor to Green, Min is still outshining her in the acting and looks department.

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