Green’s father speaks out on lawsuit Kelly Thanapat filed against him; Green stands by Kelly

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  1. Sunflower90 says:

    I love my family. The person I decide to see must respect my family and their wishes or I would not allow the relationship to go any further. But not everyone view family the same way….The people you meet along the way are only there for the time being, but your family will always be there.

  2. Lalita says:

    That person must respect my family that part is true, their wishes is something different. Its a complicated thing right? People’s “wishes” for you. Kelly could have respected her family by his action or good deeds,maybe try to win them over somehow. But by suing the father, all is out of the door. He’s has no respect for her, let alone for her family. She has no self respect or shame either, I would have at least like to see that if she stood by Kelly, that she wasnt standing next to him in the interview, supporting him and wiping his sweat. As soon as her father situation came up with the reporters, she could have walked away and not look like a fool.

  3. Lovely girl says:

    Green is a bed daughter. When her father come to congratulate her when she get award, she ask her father ” what you doing there? ” . Why she not respect her father like this. Her boyfriend impolite to her father, she did not care. She choose her boyfriend instead family. I don’t like her.

  4. Demi says:

    Sorry Green.. Even after her father defending her.. She still didn’t look any better leaving her father hanging like that .. And as for Kelly … If he was man enough to pick up the phone and speak to this girls dad then issues wouldn’t even get this far.. I love my family .. “I wish a boyfriend wouuulllddd try and sue my parents because he would have to sue me next” lol

  5. princess says:

    sorry not Green fan and didn’t fine her pretty.

  6. Shasha22 says:

    I think both sides are at fault. I don’t blame one more than the other. green shouldn’t have chosen Kelly over her own father. Kelly should have kissed the dad ass a little bit more until the father is satisfied. Kelly should have more respect and decency to explain himself to the dad. The father seemed a little too obsessed with who, how, where and when his daughter is dating. How can u tell people who love each other to wait a year because of something she is doing anyway I mean she is still going to work, go to school, go out, go on vacation etc if she dates what does it matter. Then again I grew up in a different culture and although my dad is overprotective he knows at a certain age he has no say so on certain aspects of my life.

  7. Chica says:

    Dayum, even though the father may seem a little strict, he just wants the best for his daughter. Shoot the dude’s freak’n TWO damn decades older than the girl, he could be her father. If I were the dad and some 40+ old guy laid eyes on my 20+ old daughter I’d beat the balls out of him, dig his eyes out and curse him for eternity! Lol. Just kidding, not to that extent, but I’d definitely beat the balls out of him. He ain’t nothing, but a perv to me. This girl is too darn stupid. Karma’s a b**** and the way she and her perv~*ss boyfriend are hurting their elders they gonna get something. I tell y’all, they ain’t gonna last.

  8. See says:

    Wth. It was already bad enough that Green is dating someone as old as saggy boobs but now they’re suing her dad? He has his faults but he only had good intentions towards his daughter. If Green had any ounce of respect, humanity or common sense, things wouldnt turn out this way. Kelly is looking down and disrespecting her dad because she’s giving him the privilege to do so which makes her such an ungrateful child.

  9. Sudeki says:

    Not a fan of both actors. But I think the father is too old school and a crazy stocker. Daughter is old enough to make her own decisions and doesn’t make any different if only a year it’s not like they are going to quit everything. They both having everything going good for them.

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