Gubgib confirms still the same with Mario

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  1. Kizukami says:

    I dont get it, so she meants they’re still bf-gf while he says their relationship is now “friends”


  2. Shampoo says:

    He also say they’re not breaking up. Lol so confused but maybe, Mario wants to take a break and find who he really is. Or maybe, he took the fortune teller’s word… Being single will make him more famous.

  3. thailakorn123 says:

    Seems like she really love him, and I think Mario might be the one whom want a break for whatever reason, but it seems like GG don’t want to be just friends. But, what is she to say if he claim their friends or whatever.

  4. GG is a -! says:

    She cheats on him before! Hate her! Please give up him >”<

  5. piak says:

    I’m not Thai and don’t understand this downgrading relationship…I can understand being friends after a breakup, but any way thet broke the bf/gf relationship to just being friends. so their lover relationship is over, but friendship continues. I don’t understand why they don’t use the word “BREAKUP” and why do they insist they didn’t breakup but downgrade. I just don’t understand….please someone explain?

  6. susanletesoro says:

    both of you are crazy liar person we don!t understand what they says about their relationship each other tell the truth facts not a joking your fans is not a crazy if both of you always denied the truth better go to hell mario is still a torotot crazy foolish puppet robot and german doggie to gubgib forever even he knows what sins make gubib he only ignore he always tell not he still going okey their loves each other l wish that mario are in good mind not crazy man goes to mental hospital your future will become down and up if you want gubgib you are the most torotot in your hometown you are too young to be serious in love to gubgib in 9year be lovers you are still loyal but gubgib is not how come you are still loves her so much she is very lucky girl but don!t be sure what happen in your lovelife if you become a torotot you will not regret it due this is what you want on your lifestyle to gubgib we are not sure if you are telling the truth fact to all your fans

  7. poe poe says:

    Btw in true love relationship, there is no downgraded or upgraded. It has only love btw them. I heard the words, the two lovers break up and then they still be friends is not had love in their past relationship. I agreed that word, it may be possible. The really loved two person break up and then how will meet with nothing happened btw them. if I was, I can’t see his face again cos i hurt when i think abt the past together. So Mario and her still be friend is no much love btw them in past, I think…

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