Guzjung Jirantanin nonchalant to Dome Pakorn avoiding her

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  1. Lovely girl says:

    She maybe embarrass that dome didn’t join the even with her.

  2. Bickie says:

    She claim she’s not avoiding and happy with life, but she’s moving to England and taking a break from the entertainment business. Ok. Well I think she don’t need just a break .. She’s not made for the entertainment business thus she’s too weak and she feeds into what everybody thinks. She can’t even handle people commenting negatively on her Instagram. She’s immature. As for dome, he is probably busy with his work and if he’s intentionally avoiding her then cool. I take it as “avoiding drama” because that was what guzjun seem to be. I knew something was wrong with her when she started posting subliminal stuff abt negative people to die of cancer. Lol I mean really? Bye guzjun good luck ..

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