Harsh! Rumor has it that Yaya is boycotting James Ji

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  1. angielee says:

    nong yaya is happy and enjoy her time acting in this lakorn. whats up with this people? anyway he said yaya is adorable and he also said we’re close. CLOSE????? i have a bad feel about this james but good luck to this lakorn. hope it air soon and get over.

  2. angielee says:

    NOTE: we don’t treat yaya as a princess. YAYA IS A PRINCESS. not only princess but also a queen. yaya can only handle one men at a time not like other n’ek that handle multiple men at once. yaya have a yellow yolk and i’m sorry that you hater n’ek have a black yolk, don’t hated. yaya is very professional. you know, i know, we all know, yaya is super sweet. why people want to blash yaya? i don’t understand. how perfect is people?

    nong live the life she want to live and do what ever make her happy. she shouldn’t please anyone nor myself. MAY GOD BLESS EVERYBODY HEART.

  3. angielee says:

    YAYA is beautiful inside out!!!!

  4. angielee says:

    now you know. hahahahaaa…….!

  5. Yu-chan says:

    I still don’t know cos I’ve never met her… everything is hearsay, from reports etc..

  6. amy says:

    Its sooooooo funny when people get so heated defending their favourate celebs. I hope they work as hard protecting the real people in their lives as well.

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