Harsh rumour! Nadech getting spicy with Patricia after filming drama

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  1. ocm says:

    Harsh rumor? Smells like nonsense rumor. Thai media why do you stoop so low?

  2. Mai says:

    someone’s creating these rumours

  3. ocm says:

    Of course, but at least write something better abt these celebrities with some evidence of some sort, they are all pretty baseless.

  4. Shampoo says:

    5555 love promotion. It’s kind of bad for Patricia cuz she has a group of haters. But good for Nadech for bring in the news. Lol

  5. LC says:

    Nadech has to many rumours,at least he clear all the news that are not true. Patricia is a minor he know that he does not want to have a bad new with her. I always will support Nadech and Patricia on a new lakorn Lomsornluk .

  6. LC says:

    Nadech, TaewaewN and Patricia have a new lakorn Lomsornluk. I can not wait and so excited always forgot Taewaew N don’t know why?


  7. Berry says:

    They gotta cool it with this whole Pat and Nadech stuff. It’s getting old. People that don’t even follow these two can see that it’s a bogus rumor.

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