Instagram war: Cee-Amy-Kratae

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excuse my language but what a b****h. Out of all the other temples that you can go do merit it at why does it have to be the one where Cee is at?!? Her doing merit contradicts the ass shaking she does on stage. Just saying. Fakeness is in the air.

  2. LakornFan says:

    Maybe this is her ride to becoming more famous. LOL. Because before this incident, the only Kratae I knew about was Kim’s character in Raeng Pradtana. LMAO.

  3. Lee says:

    OMG I know right! She has to do merit where monk Cee is in!! What a b****, Its obvious she wants to steal Cee from Amy!! Su Su na P’Amy!! She just a H*rny b**** that can’t control her V*GINA!!

  4. Honda says:

    Lets not forget it takes two to tango. I’m not defending the girl but just don’t get why it’s automatically the girls fault when cheating occurs. Why is it that woman tend to blame the other woman when clearly it takes two to cheat! If the rumors are true than lets be fair and blame both sides, it takes to hands to clap.

    • Nameless says:

      If the rumors are true then of course it’s both the guy and the girl’s fault. However, since it’s just a rumor (people tend to believe in rumors) and she is the center of attention, it’s only natural that people see her as the culprit who’s preying on other’s meat.

      I’ve been a fan of Amy and Cee for a long time, but I don’t know them personally, so I really don’t know who’s right or wrong. I just hope that all this is just the media playing some dumb game because I really wish to see Amy and Cee settle for good.

  5. Shampoo says:

    From the rumors people has been seeing Cee on the prowl to wait for Kratae at events unless its all made up. So, if this is true, it’s not just Kratae’s fault. She might be pursuing but he is a dog salivating after her.

  6. Yaya says:

    Yup it takes two to tango. Don’t be so naive and think its automatically the girl’s fault… We don’t know the truth only rumors. We don’t walk their shoes so we don’t know what’s really going on. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Just saying

  7. Anonymous says:

    Because guys always think with their other heads. Doesn’t necessarily excuse them but if the girl is constantly teasing them they’re bound to chase after it. If she leaves him alone, he’ll remain obedient. It takes two to clap but it really depends on who claps first and who keeps clapping. Apparently Kratae is the one running the show by constantly approaching him. If he’s taken and approaching you, distant yourself, not get closer -_-

    • Honda says:

      If a person loves and respects you enough, no matter the temptation they’ll stay obedient and faithful. If I was Amy, I would be more upset with Cee than the girl. I didn’t give the girl the last seven years of my life so she owes me nothing but Cee does.

    • TKALF says:

      @ Anonymous

      Your logic isn’t quite reasonable. To me it sounds like you’re saying men are easily seduced and hold no fault in being so. A man who cheats is wrong. Like Honda stated, if a man loves you, no matter how tempting the other woman is, he’ll be faithful. If he can’t even do that, is he worth staying with?

      If I were Amy and this little girl kept chasing after Cee, I wouldn’t even waste my breath on her, let alone my words of advice. Why bother? If he’s lusting after her as well, let it be and just take a new path.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you were Amy you would just let it be and take a new path? You mean throw 7 years of your life away just like that without fighting for your love? Don’t be like Pit in Raeng Prathana now. Lol. Some people say things like it’s easier said than done. Seriously, what would you truly do if you were in HER shoes. I’m sure it’s not that easy. That’s the complication of emotions. Hard to shake off…both lust and love.

        Not to be rude, but I don’t appreciate your comment regarding my logic. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I accept criticisms but please don’t imply that I’m unreasonable. Step out of the box and try to see things from my perspective as well because I totally understand where you’re coming from with the whole respecting your lover part. I agree, but personal experiences lead me to no longer believe that a guy can do such a thing anymore.

        • Anonymous says:

          Speaking of RP isn’t ironic that a Kratae is involved in this one? LOL. 7 year curse.

        • TKALF says:

          @ Anonymous

          You’ve clearly missed my point, but to answer your curiosity: in the context of a love relationship, if a man’s fidelity is no more, he’s not worthy of my feelings. I’d much rather throw away the past 7 yrs of my life with him, than screw up my whole future.

          There will be complications, yes, there’s no easy way out, but I can assure you that it’ll be less painful than being with a man who’s easily swayed by other women.

          • Anonymous says:

            I did not missed your point. I clearly stated that I acknowledged it. Please read my replies carefully. I’m not trying to rub you the wrong way or come off as aggressive or disrespectful. I’m just stating my opinion.

            I see where you’re getting at and I agree. Women should not tolerate infidelity but every relationship isn’t perfect. Sometimes, forgiveness makes the relationship grow stronger. Now if it happens twice, it’s a wrap. I don’t support cheaters but sometimes people screw up in the heat of the moment. You can’t just throw it all away without a fight. It’s such a waste of the time you invested if you do that. I’d say fight for it and if it doesn’t work out, that’s when you call it quits.

            Again, you may handle heart breaks better than most women and I respect that because most women need to acknowledge their self-worth and think that way. But most struggle and it’s really hard to do what you said. Easier said than done especially for Amy who has been with Cee for so long. There’s that emotional attachment that blinds you from realizing what you truly deserve. Props to you for being so emotionally strong. Sadly, most women lack that trait.

            I’m going to stop here. What happens between Amy and Cee won’t affect us anyways.

  8. Ceeya says:

    Cee’s pretty tasty, so I don’t blame him if gals run after him. But if what the reports say are true that he’s been after another gal, then…um…he can say goodbye to my respect for him. As for the Kratae girl, who I have no clue is, are there no more men in this world or what?

  9. Shampoo says:

    It’s not just Kratae that is chasing after him…. Rumors said people saw Cee went to wait for this girl from morning to evening lol and dropping and picking her off.

  10. Anonymous says:

    My thinking is reasonable because this is reality. Cee isn’t a p’ek in real life. And face it, how many guys in this world do stay faithful without mentally cheating or so? I’m not saying there isn’t any but it’s quite rare. Temptation and lust is quite common especially in men because it’s somewhat innate. That’s why finding a real man who holds it down and loves only you is so hard. They sway so easily when women like Kratae come around and wag their tails. This isn’t a lakorn but people tend to throw in stereotypical p’ek traits into the mix when in reality, most men are not like that. They are so easily manipulated. I’m not being sexist but I’ve encountered so many women who are masters of seduction. No matter how much a man tries to contain himself he succumbs to it. Those women are the most evil. I know it takes two to tango but sometimes the woman is so raeng, that a man can’t help but be tempted because they think with their other heads which is no excuse but just plain stupidity.

    If this is true, I’m sure Amy knows how Cee is. He’s a good guy but the woman must be good at what she does to get him hooked. When the mind becomes attach to something that gives it a brief moment of excitement, it’s hard to detach itself because that’s just how hormones work. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I’ve seen good married men destroy their marriages due to these kind of women who won’t stop wagging their tails after them. And it makes me sick to see something like this possibly happen publicly to one of the most loving couples in the Thai ET.

  11. Shampoo says:

    Lol I laugh at Anonyomus regarding to her Pit reference. I agree that men and women have temptations but if they continue to chase after that temptation they are to blame too.

    I mean we always tend to view men as animal so it’s no surprise if they cheat. But women, shouldn’t they understand and not hurt each other? I just feel that women are too catty that they don’t care about the other woman’s feeling which theyre suppose to. Cuz as a woman you know how hurt it can get with these kind if situation.

  12. Sherrie says:

    About Kratae doing merits. She was on Kob’s game show and she is a fanatic with doing merits. She said that some years ago, there was an explosion at the place where her mom was shopping and when she heard about it, she and her sister cried and hoped their mom would be alright and it did turn out that the mom was okay. For that very reason, she wanted to create boon/do merits etc…for her and her family. Kratae has tons and tons of buddhism books in her bedroom along with so many buddhist statues.

  13. Mai says:

    this sound like it’s taken from a lakorn lol

    thanks shamp

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