Is Boy Pakorn being offensive towards the rest of the 4HJHKK gang with his criticism?

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  1. onelovestorie says:

    Boy oh Boy!
    I don’t know how to clarify this. I get that they are friends and friends say things to each other, but if he got this in print, and joked about them to the public, then he’s being immature.

    All I got to say is, he should have a careful look at himself and instead of flinging suggestions and nasty remarks about others. He should see where he is lacking and spend his time on bettering himself.

    • noy says:

      When you watch their bts..they tease and joke like that to each other as well

      • onelovestorie says:

        I personally feel that saying something like this face to face is fine when in a close relationship, but having it printed in a interview for a magazine is going overboard.

        I would be upset at a ‘friend’ who publishes my flaws as a joke for the world to view. Dirty laundry is better left in your own house then on the street.

        Some of the remarks he makes are very mean. ‘Friends’ are there for encouragements and also to point out your flaws. Some of the things he is pointing out are physical attributes that a person has no control over: i.e. Margie being ‘flat all over.’

        Teasing and joking is all good when in good taste. I have nothing against Boy, but he is acting immature. As some of the other commentators pointed out, I doubt he would like his friends to air his sexcapades inside info with the press.

  2. alwaizemeeh says:

    This person is overthinking all of it. Boy knows the people well they are friends he would not try to hurt his friends.boy as a person always joked around no? Just my take. Im positive the group will come out to defend him!

    • do says:

      How could you say that. Think before you are writing about something to others. Think if you are one of them and someone started write about you like that don’t you feel sorry or sad? You are started write about them like that because you want they fans start to hate they.

  3. lullaby says:

    LMAO. He’s just joking. What’s the big deal?? I don’t like Boy nor do I hate him, but I see he’s just messing around. People who are offended are obviously Boy-haters or aren’t really fond of him. *shrugs*

  4. Mai says:

    Assuming he’s joking, everything he said is what he truly believes to be fact. Weight issues is not something you should joke about. Did any of his friends come out and laugh at him for having a one night stand with a person whose sexuality is still in question? Did any of them joke about his crying on national TV? The remarks he made on all of them were offensive. What he said about Mark has been scientifically proven, so for him to point that out to everyone else was uncalled for. He’s taking what he learned in his biology classes and using it against his friends.

    It’s one thing to joke about Nadech’s fashion sense but another to actually criticize someone’s physical appearance and sexuality.

  5. Shampoo says:

    It’s one thing to say it in their face but here he just calls them out individually like he wanted the media to pick on their traits or what Boy considers it a flaw. I don’t think it’s manly to cry on national tv after you have sex with a questionable sex too, Boy. Boy should reflect himself because none of them mock him when he has scandals nor make fun of him because he always have one look to his face.

    It’s not just Seng that is offended.

  6. Berry says:

    Hey what happen to my comment I left earlier? Lol

    Anyway I still don’t think what he said is a big deal and I’m sure all of his peers know their own flaws. They are probably texting each other laughing about it and probably apologizing to each other too. We ALL make lil personal jokes about people’s flaws daily. Its not right but it depends on how sensitive and secure you are about yourself. I guess some of us can’t have Boy as a friend. Lol

    • Mai says:

      lol you replied in his picture. so if you click his picture that’s where your comment is.

      It’s not a matter of being able to take a joke or not. I think most of them would be fine with a joke face to face, but Boy went out of his way in an interview just to trash them.

      • Berry says:

        Oh sorry I didn’t know I did that.

        Maybe the people that interviewed him gave him the idea to bash to make it fun? Lol I don’t know.

  7. noy says:

    I feel like this has been said face to face before…KIM weight has been talked/joke about since she started that lakorn together…they went on the talk show talking about it…on the BTS they were saying and calling them all out on it…there the clip of the girls gossiping about the guys and vice versa…I agree weight is a sensitive things for the girls…on the show all the guy complain that the girls are heavy and need to lost weight, they had trouble carrying them….They are relentless about Kim weight, i think she gorgeous as is….they make fun of Margie for being too skinny…

  8. Mai says:

    Yes and I’m sure that Nadech sure like to hear his “friend” tell him he dresses like a girl. Do people realize who Seng is? Seng is like a family member to the family, Nadech’s family that is. And I agree with what he said in his number 3 point, when Boy had problems in the past none of the above people went and dissed him, instead they all offered him support to his face and behind his back.

    • noy says:

      I feel what he point out is a fact…inside joke they do regardless…..not a “problem” per-se…Not saying that he shouldn;t hold back a bit….All I know is when I am w/a close friend/fam….we diss each other and call each other on our shit….That what I love about my good friend/fam…my friend, she can take it because she knows it true…we can laugh about it together….

  9. Shampoo says:

    So just because Kim’s weight is mention before is okay to put a remark and pressure on her ? It’s not like the girl is lazy and not working out. She’s trying to do her best.

    And I guess it’s also okay for Boy to address that Mark is unmanly because he can’t grow hair. Mark shouldn’t be sensitive and have no feeling cuz yeah they’re “friends”. Lol

    Nadech may say Yaya has thunder thigh but the guy never tells her to go lose weight. He may say they are heavy but he never says they need to lose weight. He’s always encouraging Yaya to eat and gain weight. He says he doesn’t understand girls and their weight issue. Well, nadech should take note why girls worry about their weight because of guys like Boy.

    I don’t want to bring nadech’s mom in here but then I have to cuz she agrees with Seng’s post. She must be pretty offended for all the parties that Boy basically JOKE about.

    I don’t think the media encourage Boy to start bashing them. They said on the article that they always see him posting stuffs on IG to prank on his friends and no matter how close thy are he still bite them opps criticize them. Z that’s their word. They just ask him to leave a message to the gang because they are all so busy they don’t have time to do meet and greet.

  10. noy says:

    i’m not sure your talking to me….but if you Re-read my POST…I never said it was OK what he said…I am just pointing out that they have BASH/make fun of each other Publicly and on T.V. Many time…and that as friends they might have done so to each others face many times…because they sure do it publicly on T.v. and the BTS…I know w/my friends we don’t take offense w/each other and make fun of each other…Weight is always a no-no w/girls..but as a celeb..that how they will live their life..If you read my post, you can see that I find it silly and stupid about the whole “weight” thing…I like a healthy weight vs. underweight girls…the Guys just need to tone up and not be so weak so they can carry the girls.

    • Nee says:

      It’s one thing to joke around with your friends about their so-called flaws when they’re right there with you, but when you say the same things to someone else when they’re not around, it’s like you’re going behind their back and spreading gossip about them or badmouthing them. Boy might have meant everything as a joke, but whether it was a joke or not, it was done in bad taste. There is such a thing as taking jokes too far.

  11. Shampoo says:

    If Kim is going to lose weight is for here career. Not for Boy so I don’t know wha his issue is.

    Boy has been call out and he continues to be rude and offensive. Yaya gets angry when he posted that picture of Nadech on Nadech’s bd. He might think it’s funny messing up with their last name too but his mother doesn’t think so. Yet Boy continues to be rude and offensive.

    So this isn’t the only time. If people ask u to stop. Then u should stop.

    May I ask what the other has said about Boy that is offensive? What has they bash Boy for?

  12. Not cool at ALL, says:

    Wth ? Nothing’s wrong with having no arm pit hair -.- Seriously, I like Boy, but he’s going a little bit over board. Saying and pointing out dumb, tiny flaws of them like he’s perfect -.- psh. Sorry, but I don’t think he should be saying things like these. Even as friends, it’s really offensive >< !

  13. Mai says:

    If Seng and Nadech’s mom has a problem with Boy’s no filter mouth, then I dont think random people over the internet should speak for Nadech either. What Boy said about all the above people is offensive, joke or not. His “friends” may be able to take it but the people around them like their moms (Mae Keaw) and Seng cant take it. I for one feel Seng has every right to be offended.

  14. Annie says:

    Boy has always been nasty to them. Look at all the pictures of them in Instagram. He thinks he’s sooooo funny like he’s the shit.

    People can take jokes but not as far as Boy has taken things. Boy thinks he’s above God that his fans will always side with him because it’s just a harmless jokes. Everything to him is just a joke. Hello, talking about manliness, he needs to take his own advice and become a real man instead of visiting that sex doctor to stimulate his luck and getting lucky.

    Please, he calls Mint big toes and big fingers but look at the one who he slept with in Korea. Talk about not looking at himself first before making jokes on other people.

  15. Mai says:

    lol we should tag Boy on instagram, @boypakorn we disagree with you, your lover has bigger toes than Chalida

  16. Unnichan says:

    Wow! I find it hilarious that people are getting so defensive over something someone else said about “his” friends. I read nothing that wasn’t all in fun or completely harmless. These people has known one another for a very long time and seem extremely close. There’s nothing said here that I’m sure they haven’t joked about before or since. If you read what he said you can tell whom he’s closer to and what he can get away with concerning each person. He definitely knows them well and beyond that they know him and his intentions.

    And why is everyone bringing up his “sex scandal?” He didn’t mention anything overly personal or pointed into their “non celebrity” lives, only silly cosmetic things that actually mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  17. Annie says:

    @Unnichan don’t talk on behalf of Nadech and the rest. If Nadech’s mom and Seng find it offensive, then they have every right to.

    Look at all you people who finds this is right just because they are friends. The reason Seng finds this offensive is because of this so call friends you people keep mentioning about.

    Boy probably knows that they are offended by it that’s why he keeps doing it. Look at the way he talks about Margie, he said Margie is upset at him. So yeah, what other things had he done to offend her? Probably more that’s why he went softer on her because he didn’t want her getting angrier. Isn’t Margie the closest to Boy? So if she can get angry, why not the others?

    • Unnichan says:

      Hmm. Wasn’t speaking “for” anyone being as I’m not the individuals’ involved publicist and moreover don’t know them personally at all. However I was speaking objectively, based on a rational interpretation of what I read. In that way, I find most aren’t doing the same. I have no idea how anyone feels about this situation but if someone is offended I do think it’s baseless and overboard, regardless of justification. Not because Boy was “right” but moreso that what he said should hold no water in the grand scheme of life. Why jump to conclusions and be determined to find offense with everything? Clearly he likes to push boundaries and though this may have been tasteless (I say may because we don’t know how the comments came about) it doesn’t by any means come across as mean spirited or malicious.

      Frankly, if my friend had done the same, I’d be more concerned about how others would misunderstand/misinterpret/misconstrue and view him/her and his/her mouth, over wasting my time and energy being offended with what was written he/she said about me.

  18. mark says:

    Oh stars always tease eachother . I watched a clipof Ann tongprasom admitting she used to tease tanya ramnarong that she used to have teeth that looks like a horse. They are friends

  19. Kimix says:

    Boy is so immature. he just makes me sick! he is the most immature person/actor i have seen…he has a really offensive personality. he’s not good looking maybe thats why he doesnt care what people react or think of him at all. he’s on the bottom of the list. i hope seng does something serious to him, make him cry on national tv again lol, god, his sex scandal with that big toe dude/gal is worst than what he points out on this article. he should really look at his flawed face before he says mean things about others.

  20. morningdawn says:

    I think boy should be more careful with his words though he might intend for his comments to be in a joking matter. But it can easily be misinterpreted

  21. Kj says:

    Love Boy, but he should not talk like that.. Ahem at least their scandals arent ever as bad as his

  22. thatsouthernasianchick says:

    Friends joke and play around. Not a huge deal. I bet the 4 Hua Jai cast are playing with Boy too. Far as I can see and tell on IG, they are a close-knit little family. Naruk dee. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. My friends and I joke around like that all the time. If you roo jai each other, it’s totally normal.

  23. newtolakorns says:

    Joking among friends are normal. However, this was done in print for the whole country to see. The 4 HJHKK gang may not mind what boy said about them, but their loved ones do. If the family members already expressed their displeasure with what Boy did in the past, he should at least respect them.

  24. Rose says:

    What the hell is his problems? They’re friends and he shouldn’t said that to them. What a jerk!

  25. angielee says:

    laugh so hard……
    yaya doesnot have big mouth. yaya have a beautiful lips. her smile is beautiful.
    p.s for nadech to kiss…….

  26. angielee says:

    almost forgot, about nadech making fun of yaya thunder thigh, what nadech is trying to say is i love her thunder thigh, its so big and sexy. hahaaaa……..
    p.s…… nadech is the only one that can tease yaya. no one else can’t, period!!!! awww….ahwwwwww…….

  27. angielee says:

    thats why nadech like to touch her legs in 3zaap talk show. try to cover yaya legs. he don’t want anybody to see her thunder thigh. hahaaa…….

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