Are Mario and Mai closer than just friends?

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  1. Mey says:

    Is something wrong with spicy website ladies?

  2. Sunflower123 says:

    I feel actress like Mai, Aum, Kim, Yaya and Pinky work well with whoever they are paired up with. This is why their work is so enjoyable to watch.

  3. Lovely girl says:

    Maybe have special with Mai & Mario.
    But I support them . Because mario & Mai is good couple than Mario & gubgib. And how about u?

  4. Princess says:

    Who cares

  5. Sunyah says:

    In the first photo is that Mai or is that a different girl? If that Mai she look different in that first photo. I couldn’t tell it was her. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely girl says:

    First photo is Mai. When she not make up. I remember her smile. She still pretty even she not make up.

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