It’s over! Namfon Patcharin not regretful breaking-up with Art Phasut

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  1. Shampoo says:

    At least she’s trying to be positive publicly.

  2. sandy says:

    So the PR eak has been confirmed to be First?

  3. Susy says:

    Hope Namfon find another better than Art 😉 Namfon su su …

  4. Akim says:

    So shocking to find out that Namfon is sleeping with First behind Art’s back.

    • Susy says:

      @akim they (Fon & first) didn’t sleep together,Fisrt was the best friend that Fon often talk about when she has a problem with Art because her boyfriend is a player boy…and he didn’t like her to call him to ask where he is ? when he s come home ? Who s he with ? (Art claims Fon did not trust him when they were together for 6 years). That why they broke up.Art is like Sornram thepittak (who didn’t like girlfriend ask about this too that why he broke up too with Nui Susira who married now).

      • Shampoo says:

        The girl who claimed to be first’s gf in the clip said first told her him and Fon slept together. Fon didn’t denied in the clip with her because if she wasn’t guilty she would have clarified with the girl in the clip. Instead, Fon denied sleeping with First on her interview with the press.

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