James J has reached above the clouds receiving 8 digits; Dubbed the Presenter King of the Industry

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  1. Lalita says:

    Good for James, and his manager for sticking to his guns and not let greed take over especially at this heighten demand. If only others can follow his lead.

  2. cool :) says:

    I agree that he should be called the new presenter king of the industry but not prince of Thai entertainment tho. He cute tho 🙂 hehe

  3. Mai says:

    lol he’s also called the Prince of Thai Entertainment too, among other things

  4. ash30 says:

    If he stay humble and grounded he will be at the top for a while. He is young and got heck of a future. He right now is king of all kings lol.

  5. Lorie says:

    LOL its so sad to see this, administrators of this site trying to prove a point after nadech fans say we dont think James is better than Nadech.

    So sad to see that the administrators can’t hack shit and they overlord this site with all James JiraPOO!! articles to try and prove a point, It’s sad really, this really discredits this site. I come to this site to read about stars not some JAMES JIRAPOO fans who are trying to get viewers to think his KING and shit.

    This is a low blow, just because u like him sooo much u shouldnt be trying to put it in peoples head that he is king, and stop making up multiple account to have people post stuff and agree with u.

    This is a bias site, and I will not come back and read it, shipping JAMES JIRAPOO where his ugly as F***. This is so sad, and you call yourselves reporters of thai media and shit. James is flying high in his 15 minutes of fame and you admins jump on the bandwagon….of course his gonna be on magazine covers his lakorn just finished not long ago and the hype still there….plus u think others stars managers will let their stars fade behind James and let James take all the fame…NO WAY!!!

    YES IM OUTRIGHT attacking the admin(s) because you couldnt hack that argument in that previous post, u obviously got offended cause a few of us didnt agree with your post about James JIRAPOO surpassing nadech and stuff so you use your admin powers to overload this site with James articles to try and prove your point SAD SAD SAD…If u cant take other peoples opinion stop writing and posting up blogs. At least I understood the not everyone is gonna be a nadech fan. left my two cents on the other post and left it at that….Today I jump on here, and its clear that you admins were still UPSET and took it to heart hence the James JIRAPOO OVERKILL ARTICLES!!!!

    Get over yourself guys.

  6. Lorie says:

    Dont bother replying cause im not coming back to this site, cause I dont give a F*** about ur bias opinions, Your comments will only for on death ears or this case EYES.

  7. Mai says:

    It’s a translated article, we can only do so much but to translate articles media sites have up lol. Do you see the source? Do you see the dates? It’s all current stuff.

    Why is it you’re not complaining when we have multiple Yarry articles up? Wow

  8. Em says:

    Wow Lorie….why so angry? So you don’t agree with them….just don’t read the articles on James J….the profanity isn’t necessary.

  9. ash30 says:

    Wow…someone must woke up on the side of the bed

  10. Lalita says:

    Lol take a chill pill. It’s not our fault the media has articles on him, or that the media asks every star about him. When were translating a boatload of stuff on Nadech and Yaya, that makes us bias too, I didnt see anyone complaining. Ash30 is an active member at Spicy, as for cool, from her avatar looks like she is a Yarry fan lol. We certainly do not make up other names to agree with ourselves. Wow, so passionate and reang over nothing.

  11. Tipstar says:

    LOL. Someone is a bit too overprotective of Nadech. It’s not the admins fault if James is in the news. They’re only trying to bring the news to non-Thai fans, and this is what they get. *Sigh* Fandoms are scary.

  12. Neena says:

    I wish the media would stop comparing the two. so tired of it. let them do their jobs. the media is creating friction between two fan clubs by putting out articles like these. Anti fans will be popping everywhere.

    • Lalita says:

      Nadech wasnt mention in this article

      • neena says:

        My point was that if the media didnt make articles like these, creating friction between fans we wouldnt have to read a long rant like lories on this site which translate thai enertainment news for fans. When the media gives anyone a title like this, there is bound to be haters out there. Even if nadech wasnt mentioned, there is still comparisons between the two celebs bc the media makes them look like rivals.

  13. V says:

    Yeah @ Lorie has gone overboard. She might be right at some point but still it’s not you guys fault (admins)

  14. cool :) says:

    @lalita, haha its true im team Yadech but im also a fan of James. And sometimes it can be quite annoying when jamesji fans think he’s like the SHIT haha . I just had a big-o talk about this issue at lyns blog too X) Like i said i still dont believe he deserves all this fame but ehh. And i know ur just doin ur jobs so no fanwars with me X) And thanks for translating the articles : )

  15. lavender says:

    I don’t think James can remain he is at the moment for long. Greed will eventually get to him and he will male mistakes if he does not remain smart in the spot light. It’s sad to see people comparing and James and then stating that James is better than Nadech when we have only seen one of his lakorn. His acting needs improvements and someone mentioned that James is not letting greed get to him??????/??

    uh hello??? He’s charging company at a rate that surpass other celebrities?!! And he’s receiving 8 digits??? He also rate himself 10/10 for his handsomeness… wait he rate himself initially 15/10 —>>>> Cocky!! If he continues to be conceited and show off as if he’s better than Nadech and others in the industry, he will go down pretty quickly!!!

  16. Mai says:

    I’ve not seen one article comparing their talent or their looks when it comes to James and Na. I’ve only seen articles stating facts based on payout. I dont know why everyone is stressing over this. Articles are only depicting their star power.

    It’s supply and demand, if companies are willing to pay him 8 digits, he’s going to take the offer. It doesnt mean he’s greedy. If he was greedy he’d be taking up all the offers to attend events right now.

    I’m not going to ignore the facts. If there are articles on Yarry, I will translate it, but it’s not my fault they’re not making headlines. When they were, I translated literally every article possible. So lets not poing fingers and get all defensive.

  17. Shampoo says:

    Lets ban Nadech lmao

    but seriously people need to chill. Don’t be so jealous of James ahahah

    • Mai says:

      lol fans are mad at us and mad at the media for putting James in the headlines.

      The only two articles on James, Lalita wrote were the two, and she was just stating facts the media has already stated lol

      Did you read her komchadluek translate? they basically said exactly what we’ve been saying…err maybe perhaps we’re just the messenger? lol have people ever thought of that?

  18. Lalita says:

    In the Thai industry unlike Hollywood, its rare that stars are one hit wonder, and if they are, its cause they never gain the fame or achieved the success as a pra’ek or nang’ek the channel wanted,so they get demoted. But someone achieving this level of success like James ,he is here to stay, and he is only going to get bigger. Although I have never seen this type of frenzy around a star before

    Nadech will be here to stay as well. But the “frenzy” around him obviously wont be the same as it was when it he first became popular. A couple years down the road, someone else will take the top spot from James. Like someone said before at Spicy, Nadech fans should be just happy that Nadech achieved all the success he has. Nadech has had time to shine and now its someone else’s turn.

  19. Mai says:

    In the Thai industry you got to do something drastic to actually get demoted. Once you’ve cemented yourself as an a-lister it’s a forever thing unless you do something to destroy it. It has happend before…just look at Tangmo

  20. Why everyone fightting about this to much, the one make this article just want make Jame more popular, who’s the one you love keep it in your heart.

  21. cool :) says:

    @lalita, its true . The thai industry isnt like hollywood but i still think ppl are giving him too much credit for something so little. I kno James will be a big success but its just not that time yet. him being called the prince of thai entertainment?…Even A-list actors never got the chance to be called that accept Ken T. and it took him years . Im loving james tho no joke but its kind of too early to make any claims wen he havnt evn been in the ET for that long. Im sorry if this offended anyone but thats the truth. And im sorry,i didnt mean to directly quote ur name but ur comment made me reach my thought about this issue …pls dont hate me lol

    • Mai says:

      You’re right, he doesnt deserve to be called Prince of Entertainment yet. Because that term stands for many things. I’ve only ever heard of Princess of Entertainment, never Prince lol. Ken never got called that either. When I think of Princess of Entertainment I think of Anne cause she’s admirable and a role model. Not to say that James isnt….but Anne surpassed many obstacles to make it this far

      But it’s just one magazine that referred to him as that. He hasnt been dubbed that by all of the media. So I dont think we should take that term too much at heart.

  22. Lalita says:

    lol I dont think Ken ever got named that. The only two people who truly got the title was Mam McIntosh who was sooooo loved by Thailand and got knocked off the title when she got knocked up before marriage. Than Anne took her place, and even Anne never ever got to the level of “love” that Mam received.

  23. Miko says:

    Haaaaaaaa Lorie kept it 100 and all you punk ass “admins or editors” got called out!!!! Yup I came back and in my territory just to give my last piece of mind and I hope Lorie decide to read this too because she was right about everything except the James is ugly part. How you guys operate in here is nothing you b*tches should be proud of. For one, yes you guys did flood the news with James Ji the day after a feud when no other sites or tv displayed anything so that determined TYPICAL retaliation. Two, you are all unprofessional for even responding back and acting like some angels telling her to “chill” knowing damn well you guys did this to get a reaction out of Nadech fans. At this point, it’s not even about Nadech and James anymore. It’s about how poor you rats are running things in your sorry ass gossiping world. Yea I’m cursing because that’s how I can really talk, born and raised in LA so fckin what and proud because with all this foul Language, I’m still educated and doing well for myself. Oh yea and I’m sure you typical rats was giving Mya a hard time at that stupid forum so F*** you for that because that’s family and she’s a lot nicer than I am so I already know how that went down. She even told me that there were thank you notes for me about yesterday and warning notes for her about how unfair and biased some of you are so that is enough proof that you guys are running a janky operation. Last but not least, so you all claim that you’re not JJ fans, but every single post I saw today was all about how great he he is from the actual translator/ editor and the rest of the posse (Mai, Lalita, and a lil bit of Shampoo). Going back and forth WITH EACH OTHER about how wonderful he is. Pity. I think he’s wonderful too but you undercover fans of his is the sadest and most fraudulent shit I came across. You guys probably think you’re so top notch because you’re running a small world that feed people news but in real life I’m sure none of you run shit. You all missed the whole idea that you’re suppose to support everyone’s fans and not your own opinions. Putting your 2 cents in everything just proves how sad some of you are. Ok I’m done here. Good luck. And if you’re smart you wouldn’t even have read this message. Lol sorry mya !!! Their definitely going to block you but it’s ok . You don’t deserve it.

  24. cool :) says:

    @Mai&Lalita , haha yeh i got it mixed up with the king of presenter title X) But yeh it took anne awhile to reach where james at rite now and i just dont think thats logical lol. everythings change in the last couple of years :/ i just want the generation back where everyone was still innocent lol. Miss those old days 🙁 but yeaa i get wut u guys r trying to say :’)

  25. newtolakorns says:

    James J just got one lakorn under his belt and he became a sensation over night beating out all the veterans and A-list actors/actresses in the ET. He is a very lucky fellow and hope he stay grounded. Nowadays, it seems like many people like something or someone so quick, but they also get bored so fast. I miss the good old days when thing last a lot longer.

  26. See says:

    KaShoua Thao, if you’re going to go around every single Thai International site possible to express your frustrations on Nadech/James, at least stick to one username. Using multiple usernames and agreeing with yourself just makes you look beyond desperate. It’s no wonder that so many people are loosing interest in Thai entertainment these days. Crazy fangirls! 555

    • Mai says:

      lol who’s kashouathao? I havent seen that name before at spicy

      • Kashie says:

        LoL she’s referring to me. This is my first response on particular thread. You’re thinking I’m using multiple usernames? That’s fine. But you can have the admin check my IP address for you. Im sure if im agreeing with myself the admin would have called me out on it before you. Btw I don’t use such vulgar language in my comments and it’s not necessary for you to use my real name. But it’s ok because this is the only site I have ever debated about Nadech & JamesJi. I’m on iheartlakorns.com/AF as well but I’ve never said anything remotely negative about JamesJi. In fact I was just on FB yapping about how cute JamesJi is a moment ago with a friend. But If you follow me so closely please do share screen caps of all my “desperate” comments under multiple usernames. Btw I do have different usernames but they always contain Kashie…we all have the right to voice our opinion so I don’t need to hide who I am. I hope this will clear things up if not please feel free the contact me directly. I’m more than willing to talk this out and be friends for I love the Thai Et Industry & want us Thai fans to stick together so that Thai stars will be better known internationally.

        • Kashie says:

          And I just want to add one thing. I like to refer to myself as a devoted fan instead of crazy. But it’s becuz of devoted fans like me and a lot of fans here that are pushing the Thai Et internationally. In fact the Thai Et has never looked as good as they do right now internationally. People are not losing interest. The Thai Et is expanding and actually gaining fans/viewers. Nowadays many people know the term “lakorn”. That wasn’t the case 5 /6 yrs ago. Even the Korean drama audiences are taking notice. These daras live off of “crazy” fans. They are nothing without them.

  27. Miss R says:

    I don’t understand…can’t we all just get along? I’m a fan of both actors…I like James Ji and I like Nadech. I don’t think it’s surprising that James Ji Fever has gripped Thailand (or the media at least LOL) because I never thought I would fall so much in love with his character or his personality… but if he continues to be modest and stay humble we fans will of course continue to support him 🙂

    I think there’s enough for everybody. I don’t understand the need to bash others or get negative.

    Thanks for the translations…It’s very nice for us non Thai fans who follow love lakorns and Thai Entertainment 🙂

  28. honda says:

    Can I say some Na fans are just crazy! Like it or not James is the IT kid right now. Luck is on his side, one hit lakorn and it shot him to the top. I don’t know what the big hype his about James but do accept the fact that he is at the top of the game right now.

    • Kashie says:

      Don’t say Na fans are crazy. I’m a Na fan and like I said in the other thread I know JJ is the It kid right now no hard feelings. Just don’t generalize because your comment is referring to all Nadech fans.

  29. B says:

    So much animosity in this thread over which star deserves more or the title..LOL! Why can’t ppl just be happy for anyone who is achieving success? Why do we have to verbally attack each other when at the end of the day those stars are doing the opposite of what the fans are doing. They’re all working hard to make fans happy by acting, presenting, etc. I’m sure they’re not at home worrying about rather or not they are #1. As a Thai, we need to have respect for each other. Isn’t that what our culture is based on? Even if you’re not Thai then as humans we still need to respect each other. We should appreciate the fact that this site translates articles pertaining to your bias and all. If you do not like it, then do one simple thing, don’t click on it. Read something else. Thank you Sugar for translating! Keep up the good work!

    • teran says:

      I’m neither a fan of nadech or james j. I agree with also about, if you dont like a certain Dara Star, don’t don’t read about them. I could careless about who is more better than who because they are all here to entertain us. But I kept seeing how many post this blog was getting, lol, I had to read what was so good about it. My gosh these fans are over reacting for nothing. These administers take their time to translate these articles, we should appreciate that.

  30. See says:

    LOL. Delusional fans are entertaining. Everyone has different opinions and taste hence that’s why there’s more than one celebrity in the entertainment. Have some maturity and respect for yourself, for the people around you and the admins of this site who took their time to provide an International blog. If you’re bothered or unhappy about it then don’t bother coming here. Big deal.

    • Kashie says:

      Don’t you think I deserve an apology…for calling me out in public. Especially for something I did not do. I really don’t understand how you got that idea…

      • Toshia says:

        You don’t deserve an apology just as much as you deserve no credit for making the Thai entertainment big. This blog has provided non Thai speakers the opportunities for fans to enjoy translated articles, you are one ruining it for everyone and giving Nadech fans a bad rep.

        • Kashie says:

          I’m sorry my dear, I am not the one bashing the admins and using vulgar words. I state my opinions just like how your stating yours right now. And I’m sure my comments weren’t as rude the one you just made towards me right now. I never asked for credit so no need to give me it. And this matter really doesnt concern you. Im replying to the User See because I felt personally attacked by her. And at this point I could care less whether you and I are Na fans or not because that isn’t the point anymore. Btw to the user “See”. Other friendly users have already message me (I know you by name now as well so we can address each other directly next time) and told me who you are and your other usernames on other forums/sites. I’ll be seeing you on those forums. If you’re unwilling to see that what you accused me of was false then that’s fine. I won’t need that apology anymore and let this be by-gone.

  31. Noondao says:

    Like all actor n actress they have a bomb to start them off. But I have a feeling it won’t last as long as other actor n actress like ken, aum, noon, ann, n ect.

  32. LC says:

    No metter no what Istill love Nadech and YAya. They are my Superstar of Thaiiand and also they’re Prince and Princess of Thailand Sweetheart!!!!!!

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