James Jirayu the New Heartthrob and Prince of Thai Entertainment?

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  1. Mai says:

    his face is sometimes twisted to his right lol

    with all the fan support and media blowing everything out of proportion for him, he’s probably here to stay till he does something to really piss people off.

    • Kashie says:

      I agree the media is blowing this James J. thing out of proportion. I adore James but its so early on…naming him the prince already? And honestly I find it quite annoying that any news he has is tied to Nadech. Almost like he’s riding on Nadech’s fame. Not saying it’s James doing but it’s just plain annoying. And it seem in the pass whoever they”think” will be th next big thing, usually isn’t.

  2. lisa says:

    that’s too early. less than 2 months OMG!!!

  3. -A says:

    lol at all the comments under the picture. 555.

  4. lisa says:

    his pose look award to me. with the same smile. although i like his smile but it’s kinda get old.

  5. Mai says:

    how does someone always smiling gets old? lol

  6. iceteayang says:

    james…be careful of LIPS magazine…

  7. Mai says:

    What happened between Na and Lips? He demanded more for holding a unilever product, 500k. When Lips refused, Na refused to pose with the product. Lips now refuses to publish that photoshoot and unilever has cut him lose because of his greed. Its one thing to refuse to hold the product cause he wasnt contracted to..but he demanded money.

    This is a claim that neither Na or his mom ever refuted.

  8. saturn234 says:

    What goes up will come down too. Let see how long he can stay up.

  9. Lalita says:

    To me, he is definitely the new prince, he has knocked Nadech down and surpass him by 20 times.

    • Lorie says:

      LOL @ Lalita, really?? Surpass Nadech??? no way. It just looks like LIPS is still pissed with Nadech and this is probably a way to get back at Nadech by outright over endorsing someone like James.

      James is not even that cute compared to Nadech and from that interview he made about him thinking his soooo cute. Come on, with an attitude like that, he wont go far in the industry.

      Nadech is a good kid and everyone knows it, it’s just his mum. Nadech is a superstar, he was born and destined to be huge, look at his name. There is only one Nadech in the thai industry, u usher that name and everyone knows who it is. You usher the name James and they will say James who? or which James?

      Yes I’m a huge fan of Nadech and alot of other stars but yes in the utmost respectful way to your comment I have to disagree. I mean not to start a fight but just a friendly discussion without attacking your opinion in case you may take this out of context like alot of people tend to do when it comes to discussing about their stars.

      I just think the media comparing James to Nadech is like comparing a crappy grade steak to wagyu.

      Come on man, even Mark Prin is cuter than James.

      • Lalita says:

        I think we would be again going in circles.. To me it’s useless to explain again why I think and the media seem to think that James has surpassed Nadech. And everyone has different taste, maybe to you he’s a crappy grade steak, but to others he may be a filet mignon. And to me James is way better looking than Mark.

      • bbb says:

        I like James Ji more than Nadech.
        Nadech’s crying is not up to JJ is my opinion. BUT aye I see Nadech and JJ just ordinary actors not all that yet. I feel like Nadech is too overrated thats all. And his fans are too possessive. Hopefully his career will go well. Other than that who knows, just cause you don’t like JJ doesn’t mean he’s not all that. I feel like fans are more scared and jealous that this newbie has already been as big as nadech, on his FIRST lakorn.

  10. Kashie says:

    20 times LoL that’s ridiculous….

    • Lalita says:

      It’s a ridiculous claim to make that James is riding on Nadech’s fame. When James has made himself in his own terms based on his talent, and personality alone. And yes he has surpass Nadech by a lot. In less than two months he has the Thai entertainment in his hands, he is loved by producers, people, and the media alike. He has made records with a record payout for his CF. His IG has made records likes, that even the media is talking about it. In this month alone taken more than 10 covers, and it’s there’s so many more to come.

      • Kashie says:

        Oh so many facts. Goodies for James Ji to have such devoted fans. Guess we’ll have to sit this out to see how much longer this lightening fame of his will last and what other things he’ll surpass Nadech “20” times over. In fact I adore Jame Ji and would love to see him suceed but I feel people talk him up too much that it may actually become a bad thing for him.

      • Lorie says:

        Yeah but what starts quick usually ends quick….Just like most people who go x-factor, (insert country) got talent, (insert country) Idol or The Voice,

        Those type of people get fame for like 15 minutes and than vanish unless they are fully endorsed. James may have not followed the same path but maybe his currently in his 15 minutes of fame.

        His not even that goodlooking, his not a superstar, he is after all still a noobie. You say 10 covers but looks like majority of them is just LIPS Magazine. He has the thai entertainment in his hands?? no that’s just absurd as it gets!!! Thats purely being disrespectful to alot of male actors in the industry.

        Not just to Nadech but to Mario, Mark Prin, Porshe, and more who are way more better looking and more established than James JiraPOO!!

        There’s many producers and directors in the industry and there is a large pool of young talent and goodlooking pra ek to choose from. To say that James has the industry eating of his hands is totally disrespectful and condescending to producers, casting crews and directors.

        With that interview he gave, his already come across as cocky and thinking his the shit. If he even looks half as good as Nadech or Mario than maybe he has a chance. I think stats and his so called record breaking social media buzz might be all be bulshit with fake accounts.

        Come on man, we all know Justin biebers followers on twitter alot of them are just fake accounts as its been discovered. Its totally obvious Lips magazine is trying to promote James and I wouldnt be surprise if the rumour in the media about him being the new prince of the industry is something to knock of Nadech off as everyone clearly knows, Nadech is the prince of industry or it could even be given to Mario who is the prince of the industry.

        Im telling you, LIPS is bitter, and its blatantly obvious what they are trying to do, PUSH Nadech of his throne LOL His not all that and his attitude completely is disgusting. I thought James was OK until that interview. Your a newbie at least learn to be modest as you are still new in the industry.

        • Shampoo says:

          Well, Nadech gain fame really fast too. So that theory apply to Na too?

          • Lorie says:

            Nah cause Nadechs first lakorn didnt make him a household name, Duang Jai Akkanee his second one put him on the map.

            I remember watching a few tv show and they did about nadech and u know how they do mini bios and shit? they mention his first lakorn but then they go saying stuff like “but it was his second lakorn Duang Jai akkanee which made him a hosuehold name” Nadechs fame is fast but no one looks like him in the industry. His got his own signature look, he has that special something….far out i sound so bias right now lol

            Nah im jus saying that James just has a babyface which i think alot of other newbie stars have as well.

            james fame is really fast, 1 lakorn and BOOOMMMMM his the new prince of the industry??? wow :-p

          • Shampoo says:

            Well, that is only your one opinion versus the people in Thailand. James is the IT factor right now. Nadech has his time to shine so it’s now James. There is no point trying to argue why James shouldn’t shine. Your opinion is only a minority. Every hype will come to an end but I think James is here to stay since the producers seem to like him.

        • Lalita says:

          Lol he has the thai entertainment in his hands is disrespectful lol. You have never heard of the saying? I think now you’re being disrespectful to me. And yes he does have more than 10 photoshoots in the last month alone. You are obvious Nadech fan, nothing is going to change your mind, I based my thoughts on facts.

          • Lorie says:

            Yeah im not gonna lie, i am a Nadech fan and I base my thoughts and opinions on my what I think and see.

            I just dont think James is worthy enough to be pass anyone at this point, whether its Nadech or not. His still new building to much hype around him can either be a good thing or bad thing.

            Base on his last article looks like his already thinking his the bomb.

            Im not being disrespectful to u but to say he has the industry eating out of his hands just makes it look likes everyone is bowing down to him and he gets whatever he wants. And that producers directors, casting crew and media only want him and shit thats why I say its absurd. WHEN THERES SO MANY TALENTED ACTORS out there…besides Nadech.

            Sorry if u think ive been disrespectful but that was not my intention. 🙂

          • bbb says:

            i stil think Nadech is still not worthy enough to pass Ken. His acting is plain, matureness is not for him.

  11. :) says:

    He not ALL that. He’s alright.

  12. Mya says:

    But my heart didn’t throb. Lol I mean he’s cool but the hype is way too much and I know it isn’t his fault so I can’t hate him. I wish him the best, but for real … My heart didn’t throb, skipped, or pound by looking at any of these pictures or watching his lakorn.

  13. Mai says:

    If anything at this moment Na is riding on James fame lol. He gets asked about James in every interview that it gets annoying. Every actor is being asked about James, whether it be Ken P, James Ma, Mark, Boy, etc etc etc. So if we were to claim James riding on Na’s fame based on him having to answer about Na lol. I dont think it’s either way because it’s only normal from generation to generation people are bound to compared, and bound to have to answer to such questions.

    Realistically speaking, some actors are made because the media helps them out. But Jame’s fame was created with his own charisma and personality. The media has only played a part after he became famous. The first time I watched him onscreen giving an interview…I was like wow this guy is pretty charismatic. Minus the fact he scored himself a perfect 10, he’s given pretty good interviews. He doesnt have an ounce of jealousy in his bones. Maybe cus he does believe he’s a perfect 10 and no one can compare lol.

    • Miko says:

      Yea I think he give good interviews too but I’m going to have to disagree with whom is riding on who’s fame. Nadech is already famous so he doesn’t need to ride on anybody. James got famous himself but his boost for more fame is with the help of news with Nadech. James is super charming and definitely a different flavor, but I hope to see more. And a 10???? Not there for sure, but I do like the confidence!!! Lol

      • Shampoo says:

        I don’t think your logic works. So, are you saying that in the past Nadech got famous also through the boost of his comparison news with Ken? It’s just how the entertainment works.

        • Miko says:

          I strongly feel that Nadech being compared to ken in the past helped him with some fame because ken was very likeable at the time and people wants to know his every move. Attach Nadech’s name just a bit and POW!!! Double nouns double pounds and then we noticed this newbie Nadech and look where he is today. Sometimes it is a hit and miss with this scheme but to me, it’s working for Nadech and James. Plus a lot of people are tired of Nadech like when they were tired of Ken so I can admit tables are turning a bit.

          • Lorie says:

            I rather Nadech and Mario be compared or someone more decent looking.

            James is nothing special, we all know that. NADECH has made it to the top, once you’ve achieved that status of superstar your fame aint gonna diminish. Everybody knows who Nadech is, like everyone who knows who Mario Maurer is, same as Ken Theeradeth.

            James JIRAPOO!!! I can guarantee you hasnt reach that status yet, he is only a 15 minute of fame kind of guy. Also is he a kid of Ae Supachai??

      • Mai says:

        I’m going to have to disagree with you. To claim that James is getting a boost from Na is ludicrous too cus James is current, He makes news with or without Na. His popularity is already unstoppable. I think it’s very biased to assume that Na has anything to do with James popularity. Maybe if the news was insisting that Na and James are besties, that might boost James popularity based on that. But they’re only making news together cus they claim James has surpassed Na’s popularity and payout for endorsements

        • Miko says:

          But what is wrong getting a little boost of fame from one another? You act like its a bad thing. If I were a James Ji I’d be glad to be compared to Nadech because he’s the media’s target before we even knew who the heck James Ji is. They both have respect for one another and doesn’t look like Nadech isn’t unwanted no matter how high paid or more popular James is. Just like every James news has Nadech’s name in it and Na’s news has James in it. I say both parties are riding on each other and I think it’s cool. We can all see it our own way but its always going to result to two things and its money and fame. This marketing scheme works.

          • Mai says:

            There’s nothing wrong with getting a boost, but it’s untrue to claim that his popularity had a boost from Na. He’s not getting compared to Na, he’s only making news for surpassing Na.

            And yes there is news that some endorsements have dropped Na, in hopes of trying to get James.

            I think Na fans should stop being delusional and just accept that James created his own popularity.

            I’m not a James fan, I’m just speaking facts here

          • Miko says:

            Well I’m going to admit full force and no shame like a realist that yes I’m a Nadech fan, but delusional? Nah not at all or else I wouldn’t admit that James has taken some shine from Nadech. I am also a James Ji fan and I didn’t notice him much until I keep seeing his name in Nadech’s news or Nadech in James news. You can state facts too because I like to read but I don’t think of you as any names of delusional or whatever else you want to call Nadech fans. I never said James got famous BECAUSE of Nadech, I said its just a boost. Like Nadech got his boost from Ken. Like from this post no matter how much this is a James news, we are all guilty of typing Nadech’s name no matter who brought him up first.

          • Lorie says:

            @ Miko, im glad someone is a Nadech fan here, I hate that saying, “Rotten Dog head” as soon a new guy comes out.

            Because the new hype is over James people start dis reguarding Nadechs fame.

            Dw Miko at least we are loyal to our stars, just because something ot someone new comes along we dont jump on the bandwagon. Right now we all know NADECH is sitting on the throne right now, followed closely by his other mates who are stars as well.

            As for James, I called my friend over to ask what she thinks of this guy name James, her instant words were creepy looking and looks like a girl and than I showed her Nadech and she said he has his own look and is very handsome.

            And thats coming from someone who doesnt even follow thais star. Before Nadech came, Ken theeradeth was the bomb and Im still a loyal fan to him but they are after all not in the same age brackett, Ken is a dad and older and will always be LEGENDARY lol

      • Lalita says:

        lol James has made on his own with his own talent and charm alone. How has Nadech helped his career? Is he worth all the hype?Just based on his work ethics and personality, I think he is.

        • Shampoo says:

          Lol that could be said for Nadech too though. When he was new people said he has made it with his own talents and charms. People praise him like God. Celebs and media alike talks about his charming and nice personality and good looks.

          James made his huge impact and he’s taking a different direction to concentrate only on his lakorn. And he is taking over, no denying that. His popularity is of his own, not riding someone’s.

          • Mai says:

            But the difference is James is loved by the elders. That’s the huge difference. Even the people not working alongside him is under his spell.

            Plus we’re not debating Na’s popularity or charms right now. Na really is irrelevant to this topic till his fans brought him in.

          • Shampoo says:

            And in two two months for a 14 mil endorsement deal, he is sure not riding on someone’s fame.

            James got a lot of help and he’s help himself too.

          • Kashie says:

            Let me reuse the words you gals use. She made her point you girls made yours. No one is going to change their opinion.

  14. ki says:

    Nadech should take a break. go study aboad! a year or two lol

  15. jess says:

    I think he is already planning to go for a couple of months when he is done with school..haha

  16. Mai says:

    No real James J fan will claim that James got a boost from Na. I want to laugh so hard till my teeth fall out cause the claim is so far fetched lol

    • Miko says:

      And a supposedly non James Ji fan but claim to state facts and post/ comment nothing but good news about him is called what? And here’s some more for your teeth. I’m a Ken fan too. You should be all gums by now. Lol

  17. Mai says:

    What did Na do to bring more popularity to James? Seriously? He was famous already before he started making news with Na. And the only news he’s making with Na is news praising him while downplaying Na lol.

  18. Miko says:

    Na didn’t do anything Mai. What I’m saying once again basically is that popularity attracts popularity. Reading about Nadech and James is freakin interesting right? How about news about James Ji being compared to Ken P. That already sound boring because its not even a challenging news. Like us sitting here debating back and forth lol there would be none of that if James Ji gets compared with someone else. I happen to like them both whether u believe or not but I just strongly feel that they both are feeding each other…. And it’s smart because its working lol

    • Mai says:

      You’re the one who brought the comparison. I would argue with you either way no matter who you compare him to because I truly believe James is not riding on anyone’s fame. Of course if you’re in a James topic and you bring up Na, someone’s going to respond back. And no I dont think you’re a fan because this is also what you said about James

      ” But my heart didn’t throb. Lol I mean he’s cool but the hype is way too much and I know it isn’t his fault so I can’t hate him. I wish him the best, but for real … My heart didn’t throb, skipped, or pound by looking at any of these pictures or watching his lakorn.”

      I’m not going to debate with you, cus there’s no use, you’ll believe what you want to believe, and I’ll believe what I want to believe. There’s no point convincing each other otherwise.

  19. Miko says:

    Did you just confuse my words with somebody else words? And don’t skip out on debates. This is what happens when you want to give out your opinion because others (yes free people) have rights to speak upon their opinions too. Please do explain because I hate being confused

  20. Lalita says:

    Well you’re going in circles so its pointless for her to continue. You made your point and she made hers. No ones mind is going to change. Why do you still want to argue?

    James is not riding on Nadech’s fame, and no it’s not interesting to read about James vs Nadech. I don’t think Mai is confused either, she didnt confuse you with another person, you and Mya have the same ip, thus the same person.

    • Miko says:

      Oh that’s what it is. Creepy. That’s fine because Mya is my cousin and I’m on her IPAD and this is my first time even on these sites. It’s all good though, let me return her iPad and get on mine. Goodness gracious its just a topic of debate. Didn’t have to go full CSI investigation on me. Weak. Lol

      • Mai says:

        You asked so we answered, when u post ur ip shows up. We didnt have to do CSI work. Dont make it personal, or I’ll ban your ip here and at spicy. I didnt want to say anything but you didnt want it to end. Even when I asked you to just let us have our differences, you still wanted to keep the debate going.

        Now you go as far to call us creepy? lol ok there

        • Miko the IP monster says:

          Mai, I’m not taking anything personal at all nor am I disrespecting you. I’m just a blunt person and I say it like it is . I understand with the confusion of all this because I’m currently sharing the same ip with Mya and she isn’t near her iPad so don’t ban it. Mya talks about these blogs all the time she’ll be so mad if I got her banned. Personally if it were me, I don’t care of being banned because obviously you guys don’t like when people beg to differ and thats weak. You won’t hear from me anymore … Good luck ladies!

          • Mai says:

            I totally understand you have different opinions, which is why I told you to let it end because its’ pointless trying to change each other’s opinion. You have ur opinion, I have mine. What’s the point in continuing to argue? When both of us have stated our point? You made it offensive not me. it’s you who wont accept other people’s opinion.

      • Lalita says:

        Right but having multiple user Id isnt creepy? When you post your ip shows up, don’t need to investigate. You ask, and I responded, you shouldn’t have been confused since you claim your are using the same iPad.

        • Miko says:

          Look ladies just don’t ban my cousin ok. Since I’m “claiming” then I’ll leave it as that. Lol women.

  21. Jay says:

    Everyone starting to sound like a kpop fan. I don’t ever understand the hype about these young celebs these days.

  22. Kashie says:

    Oh I bet both Na and Ji would be so proud of this thread hahaha…horray to both of them for making fans make such a fuss

  23. Mai says:

    I guess Na fans just cant stand to hear that anyone else has topped him. Anyone who agrees that James has surpassed Na, is automatically labelled a James supporter/fan lol

  24. Lorie says:

    @ Mai LOL i couldnt agree more, I am irritated to see someone saying James has surpassed Nadechs fame lol…..only bcos its not a worthy opponent….to me I always thought a THAI ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY TUG OF WAR belonged to Nadech and Mario…now thats worthy competition…James is babycute, i like james in his lakorn but after that comment it turned me off lol.

    I can handle someone surpassing Nadech only if the guy is WORTHY and just as good looking as Nadech like how i said Nadech VS Mario. If I were a casting director I would find it hard to pick from the two and that is being said when Im a Nadech Fan…when I saw on the article that Mario movie made wayyy more than Nadechs movie….I wasnt cut but I knew somehow Mario movie would of made more.

    Mario is the Pra ek of the silver screen, Ok im side tracking alot but yes give me a worthy opponent against nadech and im fine with it, im sure being a fan of a certain star doesnt mean you automatically should be counted as in deniable, evry star has his day of being on top but its wayy to early for Nadech to bow down from his throne when his just got on it for a few years only. And his only what? 21-22??

  25. Mai says:

    Being worthy doesnt just depend on physical looks alone though. A person has to have some admirable traits as a person. James may not look all that, but he’s a polite respectful person who isn’t greedy, Those traits alone make him admirable. Both Mario and Na beat James out of the water based on their physical appearance. But they both have tarnished images. Mario is forever known as a person who is ungrateful to his first manager. As for Na, he’s forever known for his greed.

    Worthy to some may be different to others.

    • newtolakorns says:

      I’ve known Mario and Nadech for several years now, but I just know James for two months. I will wait for a little while before I can say anything about him. One thing for sure is that he is lucky he can learn from Mario’s and Nadech’s mistakes and doesn’t have to repeat them.

  26. V says:

    No one is perfect. Even you and I. Give jame some time he will show you his tale in no time lol I agree with @Lorie. every star has his day of being on top and I’m gladly accept that someone has surpass Nadech if the guy is worthy.

  27. lune says:

    @lorie,i want to say that i m totally agree with all of your points and comments! plus, i like mario and nadech both,lol. honestly,i even dont understand how come jamesj could be blowed and pushed to this place with his feminin look but never mind, i’ve never watched his lakorn, and i dont think i would watch any in future.different ppl different views, it is normal that he is super cute in someone’s eyes.no matter who is/will be the toppest, as a viewer i only choose the lakorn with actors/actress who appeal to me. for jamesj, well, good luck!

  28. cool :) says:

    Hmm… I think James got the looks and star potential . But I don’t think he deserves to be called the prince of Thai entertainment just yeeet. Nadech?ehh,I didn’t like him until DJA which made him big. The big difference between the two is that nadech didn’t really STEAL the title from anyone becus it was time for the new generation to take place but James..he’s literally taking the spot light away. I love both of them but James really doesn’t deserve the title just yet. This is basically like justin bieber being called the prince after his hit song Baby 555 to me I’m pretty sure JB doesn’t really deserve it also X)

    • V says:

      Haha I though I am the only one who think Jame Ji is thai Justin bieber LMAO!!

      • cool :) says:

        sure arent lmfao. the thai JB X) jkjk haha. But yea anyways James will get the title when he deserves it. But so far for me, this is like a one hit wonder thing. I’ll giv him a couple more lakorns to judge ,but he really does have star potential and i do think he’ll make it far.

    • Kashie says:

      Agreed! Me as a Nadech fan will not deny that James Ji is coming on strong and am glad to see him suceed in such a short time. I follow him carefully during the Ch3 Superstar Series. But I disagree with the title and that he has surpass Nadech. He’s got a ways to go to surpass Nadech. And I agree with you there was no one famous for Nadech to ride on. The Thai industry in 2010 was anyone’s game. Ken’s fame subdued that year and there was little hype.

  29. P says:

    Time will tell, I think. But in my opinion, Nadech has got his highest point, and he is here to stay, though he’s not gonna reach that peak point anymore.

    Whether James’ highest point will surpass Nadech, I cannot guarantee, but I’m 99% positive. Right now, James Ji is not as well-known all over as Nadech, but for those who have known him, he’s captured (most of) their hearts, particularly people in the entertainment industry who have worked closely with him. (If you view James Ji related clips on Youtube a lot, you will clearly see this point). He is just so charming in the eyes of those around him.

    There is an article in Prachachat that the director, Pa Jaew, talked about Nadech compared to James Ji. (He directed both Nadech and James Ji before) Not sure if you have read it already. Pa Jaew is clearly so in love with James Ji now.

    PS: In terms of magazine covers, I think James has come close to 20 now, more or less.

  30. Lalita says:

    It seems like James has really good work ethics, and a charming personality and the people who work with him seem to just love him. In terms of magazine covers he has surpassed 20, last time I did an article on him, he already had 15. And he has been countless covers since than. I say he’s more close to over 30-35 by this point. Thanks for the link

  31. -.- says:

    Get a grip, Nadech was just as early

  32. LC says:

    They can call him what ever they want. Will see in 2014, JJ will beat TikT, KenT,Anada,AndrewG and many more to come. All this guys all Superstars of Thailand.Good luck!!!!!

    • LC says:

      I saw his no.2 drama with punch ,when crying sence he cry so hard !!!! and can,t even act. OMG!!!!! ” That is over acting , that is my opinion, sorry to say it.

    • LC says:

      I saw his no.2 drama with punch ,when crying sence .OMG!!!! he crying so hard and can’t even act at all.That is over reacting that is just my opinion sorry to say that.

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