James Jirayu’s friends blame him for harassment from his fanclub

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  1. Lalita says:

    I like to know what other endorsements he has gotten so far, beside the couple he has now, since his manger said they would accept 8 or was it 10?

  2. waverly says:

    I thought his manager didn’t want any overexposure and wanted James to mainly focus on acting, since they wanted him to become an established actor.

  3. daralovers says:

    Why do they have to compare an actor or actress to another??? They have their own way being a star!!!

    • kremepie says:

      i agree that everyone has their own individual qualities that makes them shine but i believe the majority of people in this world will have been compared at least once in their life… it’s only natural and it’s inevitable 🙁

  4. Iceteayang says:

    Haha…today I already saw his cf for vios, his photo outside of clinic…so he took quite number of brands…his manager just want him looks better than others but in the end they are all the same….lol

  5. chouu says:

    work hard play hard. work. work. work (music) sorry. i just felt like it……………………………… and i thought there was an article that said his manager didnt wanted to accept too much work for him so he can focus on his studies and wont over expose him and stuff….. well, guess not anymore.

  6. cheena says:

    well he is just a beginnner in showbiz …he need to prove himself first if he is really a good actor. Nadech is a established actor so please do not compare him to Nadech!

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