James Ji’s “Monkey King Fan Meeting Concert” not worth 4 digit

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  1. onelovestorie says:

    I’m not a jj fan, but his voice wasn’t /that/ bad. Everything else was a bit cringe worthy. I have practised for a dance in a week with no background in dancing and have done better then what I saw him performing for money.

    *ducks in case all the JJ fans start throwing eggs*

  2. morningdawn says:

    Not a fan of james ji , i only liked hisbfirst lakorn everything after that was just a no no but really 4 digits for him no thanks i’ll bebhappier to spend that sort on money on bie the star.

  3. happy says:

    I’m sorry, but this dude is way overrated. If he loved his fans he would work harder than this, not just spending six weeks in Korea. Please, James seems to be taking this strange fame for granted. He doesn’t give me the aura he’s going to last much in the industry. Of course fans are going to be crazy at first, but later they want to see him professionally sing and dance and act. If he can’t even train well for this little fan meeting concert, how will he handle harder things in the entertainment industry? I’m not “happy”, that’s for sure lol

  4. aymieluvsyu637 says:

    I’m mutal with James Ji. I watch his lakorns / movies but I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of his. I think he has a good voice for being a actor. I haven’t seen his fan meeting concert but if I was a James Ji fan I probably would go watch it. Not for his singing / dancing skills but just to see him cause I like him.. LOL

  5. Berry says:

    If you like the guy then of course you’re going to praise him at whatever he does. Agreeing with some of the comments too. I’ve watched his lakorns and follow him enough and I think he’s a great guy. Although I don’t think he’s original because I see too many imitations of Thai and Korean celebrities. This guy need his own spunk. Other than that he’s fine by me.

  6. wattty says:

    How is james goodlooking? I know a guy who looks exactly like him. But diffrence is he is a total geek. Wears glasses, his 30 & dresses like a grandpa,, and has thin hair. Probably the most unattractive & undateable guy i know. If james is ‘handsome” damn…. i should buy these guy new clothes & give him contact lenses and send him to thailand so he can have get a girlfriend for once inhis life!! 30 and never ever dated

  7. asl says:

    I finally got to see some clips from his Monkey King Fan Meeting and had a good laugh. I rather pay 6000 baht to see a monkey dancing to kpop music than his Monkey King Fan Meeting. What feelings I had for James Ji has dimished a little lol Ruk Sutrit was bad and now add this to it. Ouch.

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