James Ma denies knowing Nok Chatchai posted an apology to viewers

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  1. alwaizemeeh says:

    Poor Nok Chatchai… What it was is the whole lakorn was really great and for a good ending, viewers probably felt they downgraded. I think every show is like that. Unless there’s a twist.

  2. Shampoo says:

    If anything he needs to get rid of fillers ang give us more scene of James and Mint. The ending was unsatisfying.

  3. Kashie says:

    I don’t know why Nok would apologize. I havent watched it but the lakorn as far as I heard has been well received. Now is he apologizing for cutting out the kiss scene? That’s the only thing I’ve heard fans complain about.

  4. newtolakorns says:

    Do like Pe Off. Pair them again in another lakorn then the fans will be happy.

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