James Ma refutes behaving arrogant with fanclub

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  1. Shampoo says:

    Most of Ae’s kids signed 5 years with Ch3. Lol he always have bad press. But I still am okay with this dude,

  2. Arraya says:

    I’m wondering if I’m missing the picture here. James ma get a bunch of negative press about increasing his fee s yet on the other hand James ji gets praise for making more then the older celebrity. I don’t get it. My theory is that Someone in this industry hates James ma and is trying to make negitive press because he is a good looking dude and had a lot of potential in the future. I’ve seen his interview on the tonight show and 3sap and think he acting abilities is really good for a newbie and it looks like he is a hard worker. I don’t know. I probably watch too much lakorn. But for now he’s awesome in my book.

    • Mai says:

      About his fee, its not a negative thing really. But he hasnt been upfront about it. They’ve been asking him about his increased fee since a dozen interviews ago, instead of admitting that it has gone up so that he can get that question out of the way. He continues to act oblivious about it. No way he doesnt know the answer to that question, but instead he keeps reflecting it back to Ae. If he just honestly answers the question, it wouldnt need to come up in every interview.

      As for his acting, the general public feels his acting needs improvement, and reporters just take what they read from neticitizens and ask him.

      • Arraya says:

        For most newbie, i think thats how you are supposed to handle those types of news. Look at mai davika. Their response to everything is “let the elders take care of it”.

        • Mai says:

          She says that when it concerns her lawsuit with Ae. When they asked her about her fee. She bluntly denied she raised her fee while stating that in the future if event organizers are pleased with her work, she will gradually raise it. She was honest and never again was she in the news about raising her fee.

    • Buttercup says:

      I agree with you

  3. teran says:

    I like James Ma. I also think there is someone trying to bring him down. I’m loving khun chai Ronnapee with Mint, they are so cute!

  4. Lalita says:

    He’s not getting bad press from his increased fee, he’s getting bad press on being rumoured to be arrogant with his fan club.

  5. waverly says:

    I swear the media just hates him.

  6. Bow says:

    Well, I think he looks warm and honest. I saw he treated his fanclub very well in the clips on YouTube. I don’t know his event fee but he should deserve the rising fee regarding to the rising popularity from his hard working on acting, singing and presenting. I think he is a strong rising star.

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