James Ma refutes increasing luck at temple; Ignores accusations he depends on a surgeon’s knife

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  1. Shampoo says:

    His eyes are bigger now. Don’t know what he did to it, but it doesn’t like how it was. Plus, what’s wrong with going to temple for luck? lol why do he has to deny it?

  2. newtolakorns says:

    Wow, he is the presenter for 10 products right now. He could give Nadech and james J a run for their money.

    Thank you Mai for sharing.

    • Shampoo says:

      Considering that he isn’t as famous, Ae is doing a good job with getting him advertisement. When Nadech started he has like 20+ and same goes for James Ji.

  3. Teptida says:

    his eyes are bigger and his mouth too or maybe it’s the make up? his nose has changed too, bigger. to resume, all his bigger on his face now

  4. happy says:

    1)Come on, that picture with him auditioning, the quality is bad and he is look down a bit, the second picture the quality is better and he looks like he is trying to open his eyes wide and look up a bit.

    2) He might still be going through that “phase”

    3) He might have put on some make-up to make his eyes bigger

    4) Maybe his hairstyle makes his eyes look bigger

    And why in the world does it matter if he did or not anyway? It doesn’t change if he’s a good actor or not, look at Michael Jackson, I don’t see anyone not buying his songs up till this day! The entertainment business is not only about looks, talent needs to be there as well.

    So it’s a big deal if JMA asks for more money, but when James J demands for his amount they call him a “superstar”. This poor kid has more talent and he’s working hard to get better and better while going through nasty news while Mr. Superstar James J is making people pay 6000 baht just for a fan meeting, I can save my money for grocery shopping that go to a “monkey meeting”.

    And what part of James J’s acting wow everyone? I’ve watched KCP and RSR, he was emotionless in both and nothing “wowed” me. JMA is a newbie, but this kid showed off his skills in acting scenes, sad scenes, crying scenes, etc.

    I don’t know but JMA has got a new fan here, as for James J, I’ll wait a few more years before checking out any of his lakorns again.

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