Janie focuses on working hard; doesn’t care if Boy doesn’t understand

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  1. Cupid Candy says:

    Her boyfriend looks like a punk.

  2. ashamb says:

    Is that her boyfriend? Not bad.

  3. Mai says:

    Yeah that’s her “boyfriend” lol. He’s a hi-so. I think he gave interviews on her already, didnt really read it. But along the lines of her giving her respect though, moreso than her ex.

    She looks pretty at the opening of this lakorn

  4. may1363 says:

    Janie always consider her career first, Hope this guy can understand her.

  5. Lalita says:

    I think he’s decent looking for someone outside the biz

  6. Farm says:

    Janie is having fun witg her life. She shoukdnt let that dude stop her. I really adore her. Thanks.

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