Jui Warattaya to be reborn in Samee Teetra

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  1. Lalita says:

    The Thai audience seems to love their stars portraying rai roles, like Chompoo in Dok Som See Tong. She basically make a breakthrough when she was rai in Dao Bpeuan Din, along side Noon. Or Ploy in Rabum Duang Dao which made her a superstar and upgraded her to nangek. So I’m sure Jui will shine in this role, as the role is a significant one, where she will get pretty much equal screen time as Ploy.

    • Cali girl says:

      @ lalitha .. I agree .. Jui will get good shine with this movie because the role of the BFF in this movie is pretty vicious. I remember from the old version and it was a great movie.. Ploy will be all rounded up with fashion like Anne in the last version.. I love those type of movies.

  2. Mai says:

    If Ploy is taking a more neutral approach to her character, I think she’ll do really well too, cause Ploy actually suits na’ek more so than nang rai roles. Loved her in “Ruk Khun Tao Fah.” As for Jui, I dont think I’ve seen her in this type of role, let’s wait and see

    • thaifan says:

      Seriously? Maybe it’s because I’ve seen too many of Ploys nang’rai roles that she’s not convincing as the nang’ek. She just doesn’t quite look the part. I’d watch this Lakorn if Jui and Ploy swapped roles…AND if the pra’ek was different.

      • Lalita says:

        When Ploy plays rai, she’s almost too much, in her nangek role with Dome,her personality came more off as rai as her role require her to be flirty, a little naughty etc, so she came across more rai. But she actually can pull off the gentle nangek role, if the role has no rai quality, cause than she can’t seem to get the rai out of her. She was perfect in the role with Ken

        • thaifan says:

          Lol. That’s the thing. She’s done too many rai roles that when she acts all gentle it’s not convincing. To me it feels very fake and unnatural, especially the way she speaks. She’s just meant to play the b*tchy role in my honest opinion. She’s great at being feisty and mean, but not so great at being nice and gentle. Don’t get me wrong I think she’s a good actress, just not nang’ek material…

  3. Mey says:

    I wish someone would really sub Ruk Khun Tao Fah. Been wanting to see that one!

  4. Chica says:

    Jui is underrated. Someone needs to give her a nang’ek role ASAP. Lol.

  5. See says:

    Jui is a great actress. I much prefer her over many actresses now a days or even ones before. She’s quite versatile and natural, most importantly she’s not annoying. I’d pick her over Ploy, Chompoo, Aff, Janie or Cherry any day.

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