Just date misinformed, James Jirayu is not lying about performing at Asian Games

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  1. Lily says:

    Lol um a representative of Thailand. You would think he must be an amazing singer in order to get that title ….. but no offence but his singing isn’t all that great…. I hope he doesn’t think that he really is a good singer. Sometimes thai celebs think just because there famous and have a pretty face they can do the works… ahem its like “face palm to the face” lol I really don’t see him practicing too much you would think he would be practicing alot since its right around the corner Oh boy I hope for his sake that he doesn’t bomb. Btw just my personal opinion.

  2. mariana says:

    But he did make ppl trust he will be in the opening day more than half yr ago, for me he is not a lyer but too fake. Korea, japan, usa, sing,dance,chinese kungfu….he always says that he wants to go there and here,do this or that. And it turns out still nothing, he can not just be an actor who doesnt need to take 98 times for passing one scene? He is too full and too eager….

  3. labelle says:

    I was once a very big fan but as time has gone on I have felt his management have tried to make him do big things too soon. A career isnt built over night. He’s starting to annoy me..the paid fan meeting, the singing/dancing lessons in korea and now this..his management need to keep him humble and accessible to his fans or he will be yesterday news without their support.

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