Kai Varayuth wants to know; Person in leaked picture with Boy Pakorn, a woman or a transvestite?

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  1. :) says:

    Lol !!!!!!

  2. ocm says:

    Women…..have ugly toes too. U aint gotta be a tranny to have ugly feet.

  3. amp says:

    I seen real woman with manly feet. This producers words are ridiculous

  4. Mai says:

    He never said the toes are ugly, he said the toes are too BIG to belong to a female lol

  5. neena says:

    Big. Ugly. Women have those too.

  6. yui says:

    and i look at my feet too! but i guess, it’s becuz of the camera.. she zoomed the camera so no doubt if this girl could have BIG feet..

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