Ken Phupoom refutes Andrew stole “Wimarn Mekala” from him

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  1. Duchess says:

    YESH!!! Andrew has another lakorn! I like Ken, but seriously, Andrew in a lakorn is a guarantee watch for me. I have never been bored of any of his lakorn. Love his acting.
    Coming year will have two Andrew lakorns. I can die from shock since usually he’s like a troll living under the bridge that only comes out to see the sunshine once every few years.

  2. Mon L says:

    I noticed every time you guys interview the actors or actresses, you seemed to instigate the problem for them even though it’s usually the timing issue. I don’t understand. Why can you just support all of them. Personally, I like both Andrew and Ken. I want to see their lakor for a very long time.

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