Kim Kimberley afraid to chat on line with Mark; Refutes wishing Jett a HBD to cover up scandal

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  1. Bebe says:

    If she is sincere and both her and Jett get past this issue then I’m happy for them. I still like kimmy. I do have to admit that when I saw her IG pics with Jett, I immediately thought “cover-up” because she don’t post much pictures with him at allll.

  2. SangSS says:

    But i not feel good to hear this news. I don’t know why too, maybe I want Kim with mark not Kim with Jett.

  3. A says:

    What’s wrong with today’s young generation? Hmmm….that’s why social media should be used very carefully esp when ur a star…once you get into the business, ur life is LITERALLY under a microscope…hopefully Kim does learn..she has a bright future ahead of her..

  4. Dthaient says:

    I think Kim is pretty honest and sincere. I don’t think she’s hiding anything. I do think that if she doesn’t feel like Jett is right, she should break up now and lead him on because the damage might even be more hurtful later on. Jett doesn’t really match Kim lookwise either. He can find someone his level and vice versa for Kim.

  5. Dthaient says:

    NOT lead him on* (typo)

  6. Mai says:

    Personally I think it’s a smart decision to stay with him at the moment, whether or not she does love him. Whether or not her and Mark really did have something going on. Assume she were to break it off with Jett right now, and its not related to Mark. People would naturally assume it’s related to Mark. Most celebs would stick it out after a scandal and wait till things cool down before making a move

  7. teasingonly555 says:

    if you have a close guyfriend, seriously inspect your verbal and text conversations and you’ll see that if you didn’t know better, you’re flirting. been called out many times by others on this topic.

    • Mya says:

      That’s right, We’re all adults here and we all know what we’re doing. She knew what she wrote before she hit that send button. Kim has to be much smarter in matters like this because everything always will fall on the girl in this situation. As for mark, no one is stressing him. Just another story for him to laughs about with his boys. In a sense I feel bad for Kim because what if she really did mean what she said. This gotta be pretty humiliating for her.

  8. oola says:

    What they did was just fan service, I don’t get why it was a big issue. Lmao.

  9. Maï says:

    I don’t see why people are so stressed about message on social network. If they really wanted talk like they are lovers they will do it so no one will know, but they did it on social network so obviously you can see they are joking. People are really stupid !

  10. -A says:

    Reporters are always asking the same questions over and over again. After this scandal, I hope MK still act the same as usual and not change a bit. Yes, they should be more careful and cautious, but that doesn’t mean they should change.

  11. Kwan says:

    No matter how close I am to a guy friend, I still don’t say such a thing. Single or not. If you’re not being serious about it, don’t even say it. Well, there is a slogan that says, “Just kidding, but seriously.” Even when one joke sometimes, there’s still some seriousness to it so it’s a win-lose type of deal. As for this one, I just think Kim takes her relationship with Mark a bit too far and vice versa. I don’t know what they were talking about before she told him that she gave her heart to him for real but Kim knew where she stands and that is she’s just a sister/friend to Mark yet dating Jett.
    And suck the suck that it gets somewhat tense between her and Mark at times. I know how that feels and it sure doesn’t feel nice but awkward. LOL
    Now, all we can do is wait and see if Mark and Kim will get paired up together again by either Jett or his sister ever again. LOL Or they will just to cover up the news. 555

  12. Aytan says:

    OMG I loved her answer when she said “I’m sincere.” looooooool reading it in 2017 makes me believe her so much….

    • ygent says:

      get over it. you seem obsessed with kim and mark. if you have never sinned in your life then please judge away. internet trolls always upholding the moral compass but in real life the reverse is always the case

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