Kim Kimberley denies face has gotten thinner as a result of botox injections

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  1. R. Tan says:

    It’s annoying how people always talk about Kim’s weight. Although she is more curvier than other actress, she is perfectly normal and beautiful. I wish more actresses would have her type of body.

    • tuloo says:

      What a horrible picture it is above. Lol. Kim looks like she just got out of bed. Actually, it looks like she’s going to a funeral. Why the depressed look Kim? Lol.

      Agree with you R.Tan. Kim has meat and curves. I actually hope she doesn’t lose weight and slim the heck up, ’cause her body is good the way it is.

      BTW, I thought botox is use to treat wrinkles and facial creases, does it make the face look thinner? Lol.

  2. Shasha22 says:

    I think Kim is a beautiful woman..more than the stick figures, plastic barbies and skin + bones in the industry. She carry herself with grace and elegance. As long as she continues doing Wat she is doing and improving get craft people will stop worrying about where the needle on the scale stops instead how much awards she had collected or how zeros and commas are on her cheques.

  3. missie says:

    I’m a Kim bias & I love her…love how’s she’s not the average boney type gal…shoo, wished I had curves like her…these people just never know when to stop…they complain that she’s too meaty & need to lose the weight & when she look slimmer, they’re still complaining…they’re never satisfied with her looks no matter meaty or slim…they should just be happy she’s even trying too look good for them…a little message to kimmy, just be who you are & love the way you look, no one can ever satisfied anyone in the entertainment industry, love your curves, you were born with these assets for a reason, screw everyone else who calls you meaty 🙂 but if you insist on losing some weight to please others, please do turn up boney…

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