Kim Kimberley reveals that Jett understands she’s just kidding with Mark Prin

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  1. Kizukami says:

    LOL so after Margie, here comes the 2nd girl who is bad at love-promoting. u got a bf girl, so watch your mouth instead of blurt out something like “I miss u” blah blah blah

    and comes to the point where she had to clear the misunderstandings to Jett lol

  2. Lalita says:

    The difference here though is that Mark’s and Kim’s line conversation got leaked out in pictures. It’s not just playing up to the cameras. The press and people may already think that their might be something going on, even Jett. But Kim plays it even more up and has the audacity to claim that she doesn’t know if Mark is courting her or not. What type of claim is that? Considering if Mark is actually dating Vill, it is thoughtless and inconsiderate. It’s like she almost hyping up their relationship instead of denying it, and than goes on to basically put all the blame on Mark since he is the one courting her. Than she goes on and doesn’t even try to help Vill out and claims ignorance to who leaked out the photos, basically almost implying that she thinks its Vill. Not only did she stake her claim on a producer who basically propel her career, now she’s trying to play out her love drama with Mark. Without Jett and his family Kim wouldn’t where she is today.

    • candyy says:

      Exactly! Personally, I was never fond of kim. She seems fake and lack loyalty.

      • Leila says:

        I feel that she goes where she thinks the money is (or likely will be). I’m not past thinking that she used Jett as a stepping stone to propel her own fledgling acting career; if it weren’t for Jett, would she really have all those lakorns? Now, maybe being with Jett isn’t giving her the fame or career boost that she imagined sleeping with him would give her, so she’s going to try Mark and see if she’ll get more press and work that way.

      • Maii says:

        I can’t determine who’s fake or not. Cause i don’t know them personally. Your idol can also be a fake, dont let the media fool you

    • alwaizemeeh says:

      hmmm I don’t think kim is trying to hype it up anyway or sort… we can’t be like reporters and criticize her every words.. How she may have said it may not be exactly how you felt or took it just exactly like the phone messages… It was not how the reporters felt or took it. I understand her point of view… she’s just saying it from her standpoint…. She thinks of Mark as a friend and from what she knows he thinks of her as friend, but she doesn’t know him like the back of her hands so she don’t know if he feels differently. But I’m one of those fans that believe Mark is dating Mint Chalida and Mint and Kim are friends sooooo….. I believe Kim is not going out or talking to Mark in that way.

      • Kizukami says:

        LMAO so u believe Mark is dating Chalida ROFL
        no need to say more HAHAHAHAHHAAHAH

      • Maii says:

        Most of the people talking bad about Kim on this topic is most likely scared Kim can take Mark. You guys don’t care about how Jett feels but they are just selfish about how they feel, for ex if MM dont get to be together. I feel like these are their choice. Even If Kim didnt get help from Jett, she already got the role of 4HHKK boosting her up and Ann’s help. If this topic was people’s favorite stars doing the same thing, they would hope it was true. Critism happened towards Kim because of SELFISHNESS but not pity.

  3. See says:

    Her answers are everywhere! She needs to learn to be more consistent and thoughtful of all the names that are linked to this news. First off, I can’t believe that she says she doesn’t know if Mark is flirting with her or not. She is dating Jett and Mark is supposedly dating Vill. Did she even think what kind of impact that comment could make? She’s worked with Mark nearly 4 years now and being in a relationship, if your praek has the possibility of flirting with you, wouldn’t you want to clear the air before it might turn serious? And she even says she doesn’t know if it’s Vill who leaked the pictures and says I rather give no comment. Normally when someone says ‘no comment’, it makes people wonder even more so that was a dumb move. She could have used common courtesy and give Vill the benefit of the doubt. What does she mean by ” P’Jett right now isn’t doubtful of P’Mark, because it happened long ago”? So he was doubtful before? Why is there the need to be doubtful if everything is innocent like she claims? She says she’s siblings with Mark, they’re very close to the extent where she can be flirty with him but yet when news hit, she puts all the blame on him alone. She even had to use Nadech as an excuse for Mark to visit the set of Raeng Pratana. If she was innocent and there’s nothing between her and Mark, there would be no harm in saying that Mark visited both her and Nadech during that time. Oh and considering that her flirty behaviour from the LINE convo made news, why would she admit that she acts that way with other guys like Boy and Nadech? I know she’s trying to be innocent and say her actions aren’t anything special to Mark but that only makes her look more bad.

    There’s no doubt that Mark is a big flirty and playboy but he’s not dumb to to the point to mess with a producer’s GF, especially when 3 out of his 6 lakorns are with Maker Group. It takes two to tango. Mark wouldn’t overly flirt with someone if the person didn’t reciprocate or encourage him back. Besides, it takes two to tango. In my eyes, Kim is like the CH3 version of Mai Davika. Wonder what IG screen caps the lawyer has to bring out now 555!

  4. Mai says:

    lol @ the Mai Davika of channel 3 comment

  5. LoveKimmy says:

    Don’t need to discuss about this. If Kim cheated, she herself won’t tell reporter about their going to see Koo kum and Peemak.
    I think one my sentence enough for all. That’s it.

  6. Bebe says:

    Aww man Kim.. I like you still, but those were some terrible answers. Her “I don’t know” responses blew it lol. I don’t see the “I miss you” texts harming, but those kind of text messages can be very leading and forwarding to another type of relationship if it happens consistently. I did see the gun post on IG from Jett and it did catch my eye a bit lol … Hmmm .. Who knows… Lets do better next time kimmy!!! Susu!!! And lol at the ch3 version on Mai Davika on see’s comment. That comment tickled me lol

  7. See says:

    She also said that she misses him to the point she’s going crazy and she’s giving her heart to him. hahaha. I say she’s the CH3 version of Mai Davika because both girls try to give off this mature yet cutesy image but I also see a strong arrogant side to them that’s yet to be fully exposed.

  8. Neezy says:

    I really want to read this conversation between Kim and Mark. Was it as far as saying “I miss you” or was there more??

  9. Lalita says:

    You can read more about at Spicy. The pictures of their line conversation is on page 10. And yes she did say more than just I miss you.

  10. ash30 says:

    LMAO and people saying Mark is dating Chilada. As a Mint’s fans do they really want a player like Mark to date her? I mean, he’s having news with this girl and that girl. Funny as hell. Kim is completely wrong here. Telling Mark she is giving her heart to him and missing him like crazy is a no-no for a girl who has a BF. And please spare me Kim’s fans. You can twist it all you want….it still comes out wrong.

    • says:

      Lol do celebrities asked their fan club permission to date someone or you think they care about their fan club feeling?

      As a mark’s fan, I don’t want him to date Mint either! And please he’s not the only thai actor that is a player/playboy in Thailand and he’s a man so its normal that he having news with girl rathers than news with guy!! Lol

  11. Shampoo says:

    I don’t know if Mark is dating Chalida or not but what I know is that Mark is publicly dating Vill. He even took her to see his parents. She was at his condo taking pics.

  12. jess says:

    Chalida is out and about with they even went scuba diving .. so i dont know were people get the idea her and mark r dating. when mark is already claiming vill..haha

  13. Mai says:

    She’s dating Mark, but she’s going out with Puppae to random places, dont you know friends vacation together? lol

  14. Shasha22 says:

    I think Kim isn’t mature enough for the games she is trying to play.

  15. June says:

    When I watched the video interview of this, Kimberley never said she doesn’t know if Mark is hitting on her or not. The author who wrote this article probably just put that in unless that part was cut from the video interview but I don’t think so because the video seems like it wasn’t edit at all.

    • Mai says:

      Yup I watched the vdo interview too and mentioned it spicy too that I didnt hear that part. But this interview could be a compilation of interviews put together. Sometimes they ask the same questions over and over too, hoping that they get something different each time.

  16. Unknown says:

    Guys stop tripping. I believe that Kimberley was playing around. Kimberley is a really nice and sweet girl. You guys should know her well enough not to judge her by sending Mark a message saying that she misses him so much to the point that she going crazy. She knows what’s wrong and what’s not. She’s not a kid anymore. In plus they both like to tease each other. So if you don’t know anything don’t assume anything.

    • Kizukami says:

      she’s only 21, as young as she is, chances are, she is bound to make mistakes. Even as old as the age of 70, a lot people at that age make mistakes so the excuse she’s not a kid she knows what’s wrong and what’s not seems invalid
      Plus do u know anything then? Don’t come here and say “don’t know don’s assume” cuz u are pretty much doing the same thing, u assume that they were just joking

  17. Maii says:

    ALL i have to say is if she wants to go for Mark then go if she want to stick with jett then her choice. Most of you guys are talking bad about her for sure i know you guys dont feel bad for Jett but just Anti- Markim Fans. There should be no worry if Mark them wanna date because they are just celebs doesnt mean their feelings cant change. They are humans too.

  18. Marie says:

    Hahaha.. just read this, 2017 and voila mark and kim are dating. Hmmm

  19. Aytan says:

    Reading this in 2017 and understanding what a cheap person she is…she was in a relationship when she started flirting and dating with Mark calling him sibling. What a cheap way to cover up her adultery….
    I do understand love or a relationship may end plus they’re young so it can’t be a lifetime choice however, adultery is too cheap and assaulting. And being so ignorant by lying or even assaulting people like Mint’s mom when they pointed it out is not a good example.

  20. Shampoo says:

    They have dated since this scandal lol so you see how it wasn’t innocent

  21. joelle therese says:

    You people are very much judgemental as if you all innocent and not doing bad hypocrite!!!

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