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Kim loses face; after making the effort to break up with Jett, Mark still doesn’t chose her

People are still keeping a watchful eye on the relationship between the two costars “Kim Kimberley” and “Mark Prin,” because after the male side gave an interview announcing that he’s in the process of studying Exact’s leading actress “Mo Monchanok,” rumor has it that Kim’s experiencing an extreme case of losing her face since Mark refuses to choose her even though she made an effort to break up with producer boyfriend “Jett Nattapong” so she can date Mark outside the small screens.  At the latest event, “Jele Beautie Shake Up M Star Search” she came out to deny the rumors, claiming no truth to it, since between the two of them are only sibling status.  She was also ready to plead with her fanclub not to anti the other leading actress because she wants them to respect Mark’s decision.


Right now the news claims that you broke up with Jett so you can date Mark, something along these lines

I’ve already told you there’s nothing going on between P’Mark and me.  We’re siblings to each other.  We still talk and seek advice from each other, just like before.


Most recently, Mark came out and announced and sounds like he’s studying Mo

I don’t know.  You’d have to ask P’Mark what the situation is, because he never said anything to me about it.

Mark out to dinner with Mo

Mark out to dinner with Mo

Many people now think that you’ve lost face that you made the choice to date Mark

No.  Right now I’m happy.  I’m single.  I’m content.


Are you heartbroken that he didn’t pick you, but picked else instead?

No.  Being siblings like this is good enough already.

Kim & Mark fooling around on the set

Kim & Mark fooling around on the set

Right now he came out and gave an interview saying that he’s talking to Mo, how does this make you feel?

I haven’t read the news at all.  I only have you the media coming to tell me he’s dating Mo just like the news is saying.  But I don’t know because we’re just close friends.


Now there’s a group in your fanclub that anti Mo because they want Mark to only pair with you 

It’s not up to that point yet because P’Mark hasn’t said she’s his girlfriend.  But whatever the case, whoever wants to open their heart or whatever that’s their personal business.  I believe that the fanclub should understand.

Mark offering a shoulder to his "sister"

Mark offering a shoulder to his “sister”

Do you want to send a message to your fanclub asking them not to anti Mo? 

Don’t anti her.  I have my own personal work and she has her own work too.


Let’s be honest, do you have feelings for Mark?

Wai…(laughs).  I do, but like a sister to a brother.

Kim sulking because Mark picks over her?

Kim sulking because Mark picks over her?


Translated News

Source: Sanook | October 31, 2013



  1. I rather find this interview funny. Kim and Mark makes a good pair but being siblings is as far as I believe they can go. They respect each other and that is good.

  2. I still don’t understand this shenanigan with Mark and Kim. They’re probably just close buddies with nothing more. The media and their assumptions…ridiculous. Mark’s love life has nothing to do with Kim and her love life has nothing to do with him. Reporters should just leave them alone.

  3. I hope Kim can find a good partner than mark soon. This news look Kim like mark one side.

  4. Ridiculous news. I really don’t think Kim broke up with her boyfriend to be with Mark. I mean, with all the rumors going around too… If it were really her intention to date Mark by breaking up with her boyfriend, it would create a horrible reputation for her, and I’m sure she knows that too. Because everything she’d said in previous interviews before this would’ve been proven to be untrue by her getting with Mark immediately after breaking up with Jett.
    I even think maybe Mark is studying Mo because he wants the rumors that Kim broke up with Jett because of him to stop. Or maybe Mark and Kim really do like each other, but don’t want to date just yet because of the bad rumors surrounding them right now. OR maybe he’s genuinely interested in Mo, and Kim only sees him as a brother. All these are possible, but I really doubt Kim broke up with her boyfriend just to get into another relationship with the person she’s been getting the most negative news with lately: Mark.

  5. I agreed to all the comments listed above.

  6. Honestly, if Kim wanted mark. She would’ve went for him since day one. She wouldn’t gave waited how many lakorns to now express to him.

    Seriously, it’s ironic that ppl attack Kim & Mark but Boy & Margie do way more things together and they are just consider close friends. (don’t get me wrong, I like them too, but just using them as an example)

    • She didn’t went for Mark cuz she was crushing on Nadech. And after working so many times with Mark, being close to each other do give them the advantage of developing feelings. Lmao

      • lol…love your reply,shampoo…i dun know whether she had a crush on nadech…but i am sure the reason she dated jett is not love…

        • Looks like she has no time with Jett cux they both are busy. But she has more time with Mark cuz they’re not busy lmao.

          She chose to date Jett cuz he probably went after her and he was a good candidate career wise.

          • That’s how she is. Jett Cuz is the son of the producer? Wow

  7. I don’t believe Kim’s relationship with her ex had much, if at all, of an impact on her work. She’s always been a great and natural actress since the beginning of her career, and she’s been improving greatly upon the years. In my honest opinion, she’s the best of her generation (along with Nadech), and her stardom now doesn’t and didn’t depend heavily on her past with Jett. Of course, maybe being with him did open up a few small opportunities to expand her career a tiny bit, but without talent (which comes from herself, not her boyfriend), productions outside of Maker Group wouldn’t be offering her roles with good scripts, and pairing her with well-rounded actors. And other skilled and talented veteran actors in the industry wouldn’t be praising her for her acting if she weren’t a great one.

  8. Well let’s say without talents if Kim was still dating Jett, she would be in Maker Group lakorns. It’s all about biases and favors. You gotta have someone behind your back to push you up. Talents come 2nd place. Becuz there are tons of untalented actresses/actors but they are still P’ek, N’ek, still have lakorns to air around, why? becuz they must be the “loved child” of someone.
    To me, Kim dated Jett, cuz of opportunities, she wanted a blanket, that’s all, to cover her back. And now as she’s already reached out, she got wings, she got feathers, so she flies away from Jett. That’s just normal and patterned in real world

  9. Mark should choose Kim.

  10. they deserve each other :)

  11. SHITTY ass news right there lmao! The damn reporter kept asking the same thing over though Kimmy already told her that she only likes Mark as a sibling. Smh and kimmy wasnt sulking that Mark didn’t choose her, the pic was from when the ran for there plane, realizing it was a delayed flight. Get your facts straight before blogging

    • We’re all making assumptions from what we’ve seen from the news and what happen in the past. You don’t have your fact straight either. You chose to believe what she said and some of us don’t. So, no one needs to get their fact straight before blogging.

      • No its no assumption, that thats what happen. you guys are just making your blog even more stupid with the dumb caption and title

        • The title is translated right from the source listed. If you have an issue then go to the source and tell them off. Dont take it out on the messenger

          As for the captions it’s just poking fun at the picture, it wasnt a statement it was a question. The only one stupid here is you. Dont think we owe you anything.

          If you’re not going to pay us respect we’re not going to pay you any in return. It’s losers like you that ruin it for everyone else. If you werent stupid, you wouldnt be an idiot arguing over the title that clearly is translated directly from the source. Obviously if you’re fluent in the Thai language you wouldnt be here to begin with.

        • You’re the one making assumption here or else you would be smart enough to know this article is translated from Thai. How ignorant.

          Captions are meant to add humor. Have some common sense

  12. Hope Kimberly find the right one someday

  13. they’re cute together, but it’s their choice. your choice identify who you are.

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