Kimberley’s message to Mark Prin: I miss you everyday, to the point of going crazy!

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  1. Kizukami says:

    *melts* they are so sweet to each other ROFL

  2. Shampoo says:

    Lol dang I wish someone miss me that much ahhah

  3. Amy says:

    lol i wish it would be Yarry instead

  4. Mai says:

    They talk like real life na’ek and pra’ek lolz.

  5. Mya says:

    Aww Kimberly why you gotta text this man that lol … Those are NOT innocent via text messages. Mark is such a guy with his responses too. This is hilarious.. I wonder how MK fans are reacting to this. Thanks LALITA.. I can speak Thai but I can’t read it to save my life do your translation is highly appreciated.

  6. See says:

    Thanks Lalita! Gosh their convo is so darn cheesy and lol at the comment about Yarry. They purposely work together 24/7 to satisfy their fan clubs. Iunno what more fans want from them besides having them come out publicly with their relationship.

  7. Shampoo says:

    Mk fans told Jett to “Bloy wan” to let it go. Kim and Mark loves each other so Jett should be the one to go. Serious, that’s what they comment on his IG lmao

  8. ash30 says:

    LOL…Some of MKs fans are so delusional it is borderline insane. They live in a freaking fantasy world and thinks Jett should do the same hahahaaha…funny stuff.

    • Leila says:

      Haha! I totally agree with you! Personally, I think this sounds sweet to the point of being fake; seems like they’re trying to rev up some fan attention/lakorn promo. What I really want to know is, how did their private texts get to the press unless they themselves leaked it.

    • Maii says:

      Its not just MK fans, also every fandom, Yarry MM. Dont talk so hyppocritical

  9. Chit says:

    Tbh. This can be anyone really. They can just rename their friend and pretend to be Kim n mark.

  10. Lovely girl says:

    If Kim & mark is rally in love to each other I really really happy. Coz Kim not yet married , she has chance to chose the man she love.

  11. Sunny says:

    wow me jealous of their relationship it seems extra sweet!

  12. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this relationship is as innocent as it is said to be. Sure it’s cute but seriously Kim, you have a boyfriend. Even if it was just for fun I think she should be more cautious. Same goes for Mark

  13. Sophorn says:

    I’m a Mk fan & yes I do want Mark & Kim to be together in real life but I’m not delusion where I can’t separate between fantasy & real life. What Kim say to Mark is inapporiate because she has a bf. Whether they are close or not it’s a limit to how you play around. What Kim & Mark did doesn’t make me hate them or not be their fan anymore but I just lost respect for me as human beings.

  14. alwaizemeeh says:

    It was leaked from Marks phone…… smh….. follow the clues… anyways.. it does see a bit too much..

  15. says:

    I believe that Mark will not snatching someone else girlfriend. I believe that he only think that Kim is only joking with him and not serious…that’s why he said I miss you too…if he doesn’t say that what should he say? No, you can’t miss me cuz you already have a boyfriend? Lol But Kim seems to being playing over board.

    • Mya says:

      Mainly this whole thing is kind of on Kim. Mark responses are just typical guy responses and of course these messages sent to guys like him is like fuel for self confidence. He’s a ladies man for sure. Can’t even get mad at him though. Now Kim .. She’s going to have to be a tad bit ahead of the game. I’m just curious of who did the screen shot and sent it to the media!!! Lol it’s a cold game out there man.

  16. Dthaient says:

    Lol I am a bit jealous of their closeness. Mark and Kim must be close and comfortable to text each other these messages.

  17. Waverly says:

    It seems more playful than serious. I think the media is blowing it way out of proportion.

  18. Dthaient says:

    who would have access to this account? must be a shocker to both Kim and Mark for the world to see….

  19. lilithao says:

    I trust that this is just for fun. Sometimes, they act or text out if their character that they’re playing as a joke. They’re too close of friends to beat around the bushes. Besides, it’ll actually be good if they really did get together.

  20. Maii says:

    I think this is also for fun. They’ve always been joking around like this. And even if she is dating, they’ve never seemed in love. I’ve watched Jett and Kim’s interviews and they always say theyre just learning about eachother. Kimmy doesnt say my boyfriend or stuff.

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