Kwan Usamanee admits is wrong to date a guy elders disapproved

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  1. annnie25 says:

    the both of them and all the people they surround themselves with show real emotional immaturity. A measure of a person is not how you treat someone when your together but how you speak of someone when your not. By the sounds of it both of their mothers are guilty of meddling into the relationship and both of them where not strong enough as a couple to withstand it.

  2. seasy says:

    This is funny. I believe Kwan more than Golf in this situation. Just look at Mike and their older brother. I know it is not nice to judge but Golf have this aurora of a disgusting person.

  3. Alaki says:

    I believe Kwan. Still can’t forget the fiasco between Mike and Sarah Casinghini and how he and his family trashed her and made her out to be a w**** when little Maxwell was his child after all. They’re an insincere family and I’d never believe their fake tears “humble” stories.
    That said I don’t blindly believe everything Kwan says as well. And by all accounts her mum is something else. They’re both slinging mud but I’d sooner believe Kwan over fakeass Golf ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    There’s a reason why they broke up 10 years ago, she should’ve know better to not go back to what breaks her. Her mom is something else , to even make her daughter looks like she is money hungry and make it seem like kwan deserve better with money and a rich man. Money will be there but not love if you’re just there for the money only. It is not worth it. I hope one day kwan will find someone better and treats her like how she wanted it and not how the mom wants it to be. Love can’t be stopped, it’s love. May she find peace in her life and i hope she will do her best in the future na ka.

  5. Mysea says:

    Who the cares about the elders? They’re not the ones living your life Kwan girl. Just make yourself happy. they will learn to live with it just as you will learn to live your life if you married someone they chose for you!!

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