Lakorn Update

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  1. :) says:

    Baan Sai Tong ?????

    I stop having HOPE for that Lakorn for a LONG time. 🙁

  2. Penny says:

    :c Why did you have to reject Nadech ? I really wanted to see you and Mint together. I hope they’ll cast Ken Phupoom as the main guy, Mint and Ken will be a good looking couple in my opinion.

  3. Teptida says:

    BST!!! yes!!! pray for kwan

  4. -A says:

    I was curious to know what Noi next upcoming lakorn will be. Hopefully, this new upcoming new one will be good.

  5. aymieluvsyu637 says:

    BOO!! I was really hoping to see Nadech/Mint I hope they will get to be in a lakorn together in the future

  6. pinkdisney32 says:

    I’m hoping to see Ban Saithong’s remake! 🙂

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