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Leaked picture of Nadech – Yaya sweet on Valentine’s Day

The picture of the two onscreen sweethearts “Nadech Kugimiya” and “Yaya Urassaya” sitting at dinner with a giant pink balloon has their fanclub finning with their hearts beating so fast.  They had fans FIN to the point of grabbing for a pillow when the picture leaked out of the two during valentines.  It also had many confused about the status of the two whether they’re just colleagues as they once claimed in their interviews or not?

Nadech and Yaya enjoying themselves at dinner

Nadech and Yaya enjoying themselves at dinner

Recently at the premiere of “The 3 Short Films” in which Nadech took on the role of actor and director, he took the opportunity to clarify the leaked pictures along with giving an update on his relationship status with Yaya.

Nadech and Yaya enjoying Valentine's dinner together

Nadech and Yaya enjoying Valentine’s dinner together

Have you seen the valentine’s picture that got leaked out yet?

Yeah I saw it already.  It’s nothing special.  We eat out normally like two people who get along.  We’re both lonely so we took the opportunity to invite each other out to eat (laughs).


So you invited her out to valentines by coincidence?

That’s right; I forgot to look at the calendar.

Could this be considered going public (being open about the relationship)? 

No.  We’ve always been like this, it’s nothing special.


The balloon was what you prepared for Yaya?

It belonged to the restaurant.


Nadech personalizing the balloon for Yaya

Nadech personalizing the balloon for Yaya

Why did you decide to go out and eat just the two of you?

There was only that table left (smiles).  If we invited other people they could have added to the table, but by chance they weren’t available.


Was this meal special, eating and making eye contact?

The food was good.  I enjoyed it.


Aside from the dinner, were there any gifts exchanged?

Nothing at all.  We just had dinner like we normally do.


Personally are you shocked that these pictures leaked out? 

Errr…I just found out who leaked those pictures out. But that’s fine, no problem.

The picture that had many fans FIN

The picture that had many fans FIN

It’s close to your graduation day, has Yaya told you yet if she’s going to clear her schedule to attend it? 

Yesterday I invited her, but she talked like she was going to be busy with work.


If she doesn’t make it to your graduation do you think she’ll make it up to you?

About this, I’m not sure either. We’ll have to see.


Translated Article

Source: Sanook | February 18, 2015


  1. Its clear what is going on, I am glad Nadech is hush hush about it though, he likes his privacy and I am sure Yaya does too.

  2. Well, I’m sure many of their fans already know their real status and somewhat kind of expected that they will deny this as what they normally do.. But I’m totally on the ‘keeping it low key’ side! I hope you can stay as private as you are lovebirds! Keep it up! Haha!

  3. so sad, i guess no matter what p’nadech and yaya do, poeple or some fans will never be happy. anyway i’m happy to see yaya happy. look at her she like the pink balloon so much with a big smile on her face. p’nadech LOVVVVVE yaya. please love each other forever. i’m soooo happy for NY.

  4. It okay. I kinda expect they will deny it as possible as they can. Hope you both will be happy forever in your relationship and I will waiting patiently for the day when Nadech and Yaya are ready to tell the world about their relationship then getting married. Hahahaa

  5. am i the only one seeing the big-ass fish net to her? i thought it was a weird outfit at first but it looks like a balloon? so confused lol. such a cute couple though

  6. lol… about the big fish. it scared me. i didn’t see it until you say big ass fish.

  7. They r the cutest couple ever. Can’t wait till they get married already and live happily ever after.

    • I want to see they are together forever.

  8. I’m so happy about this news! I never asked for them to be a real couple but I’m so surprised and happy that there’s a big possibility that they are!

    I hope Nadech and Yaya soon admit their relationship :)

  9. OMG FIN MARK MARK!!! They’re so cute together :)

  10. I am really love both of them and support their drama. if their relationship going closer and closer to become real couple it is very good :)

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