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Lom Son Ruk Summary


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Pran, the heir and son of Pasuwat is receiving a reward for best administration and management for public healthcare due to him being a young successful businessman in creating medical appliances for GLS Company.  Pasuwat is very proud as a father for Pran.  Also, Anna, the young woman is a driving force for Pran comes to congratulate him at the ceremony.


Sintorn, who is Pasuwat’s half brother hides his jealousy when Pasuwat appointed Pran as the CEO for the company. This creates an even more hatred Sintorn has towards Pasuwat for not appointing Sintorn to that position.  Anna notifies Pran that there is some fraud going on in the company, so both begin to investigate it.  In  Patarin’s case, she is clueless that her boyfriend Thanawat is tricking her to sign an approval financial statement check which is not that many but in reality is worth millions of dollars.  She becomes the scapegoat, while he takes those money and uses it on Chomanad, the woman he is infatuated with even though he knows that she is having an affair with Sintorn.

nadech and taew

As for Doctor Non, Pran’s kind and nice twin lives as a physician in the countryside at Pha Mok mountain.  Non never reconcile with his father, Pasuwat, ever since his father never visited his mother, who died from malaria.  Even though his father tries to send medication from GLS to help, it didn’t arrive in time to save her.  Non helps Paratee, Patarin’s mother when she was very sick.  Paratee asks him to call Patarin to visit her sometimes but Patarin respond with lack of compassion.


Patarin went to the award ceremony with Thanawat, the one that Pran received an award but they sneak out afterward to celebrate her birthday together.  Thanawat surprises Patarin by asking her to marry him in that one hotel.  Patarin is very happy.  In that same party that Pran received the award, Non came to congratulate his big brother but wouldn’t speak with his father.  Non went to sleep in another hotel which happens to be the hotel that Patarin and Thanawat went to celebrate together.  Patarin got very drunk and threw up on Thanawat without knowing.  Thanawat got angry and left her to sleep at the hotel garden.  As for himself, he went to have his own happiness with Chomanad at her condo.  Non saw Patarin unconscious and notify security to take her to a room.


There is a meeting the next morning at the company in which Chomanad framed Patarin embezzling money.  Patarin denies, because she knows Thanawat is the one who took the money.  But Chomanad had Patarin sign the documents to pay the company back 17 million in place that they won’t sue her.  Chomanad is trying to discredit Pran’s management, so there won’t be any trust within the shareholders.  Patarin saw Thanawat in the same car leaving with Chomanad make her realizes that Thanawat has been using her.

diew and khem

When Pran found out about the situation, he asks Anna to go with him at the Ayuthaya company, the branch where Patarin works at.  However, someone got there first and shot Pran on the way.  His car died and fall of the ditch.  Patarin lost her direction in life and went back to live with her mother, Paratee.  Sintorn and Chomanad is hoping there will be a change of seat in the board because of Pran’s disappearance but at the end Doctor Non pretends to be Pran at the board meeting.  He offers to manage the company and at the same time capture the person who wronged his brother.  He will also proves to everyone that he has nothing to do with the dishonesty that is happening.  Sintorn appointed Thanawat as his heir.


Patarin is distracted but didn’t want to inform her mother about her debts.  Living in rural not long but she contracted some kind of sickness from someone at the farm, which she has to see a doctor for and met Non.  She is so embarrassed to tell him that she has the disease but at the end, Non gives her medication to take for it.  Patarin’s friend, Natmanee always come to accompany Patarin.  Non still in contact with Paratee so he met with Patarin often to the point neighbors tease that the two are husband and wife.  When the two went to pay Paratee’s due at the market, Non criticized her for not visiting her mother.  Patarin found out it was him who called her in Bangkok to visit her mom.  He even mention that she’s a drunk that’s why her boyfriend dumped her.  Patarin wants to find a hole and crawls in.

pat and taew

Pran is in a serious condition but Pasuwat and Anna kept it as a secret afraid it will affect the company.  Thanawat acts like he is one of the higher up in the company which has Sintorn backs him up.  Anna pleas Non to pretend to be Pran sometimes for the company.  When there is a big meeting, he do as Anna asked but never speak nicely with Pasuwat.


Paratee finally found out about Patarin’s debt.  Mother and daughter cry and hug each other.  Patarin went to Bangkok to negotiate the term again with the company but come back hurt.  Non feels bad for her so he offers her a solution to pay for her debts in turn she has to marry him.  He gives her the reason that he didn’t want to marry someone his dad wants him to and he wants to continue to work as a doctor in the countryside.  He doesn’t want to go back to BKK.  Without a choice, Patarin decides to married Non at the end.

nadech nadech1

The wedding takes place in Paratee’s house the next day.  Paratee is so happy that Patarin married Non.  Her friends are also excited for her.  Both sign the marriage certificate.  Patarin doesn’t want her mother to know that it is a sham marriage so they both agree to it.  She also have him agree to not take advantage of her.  Their reception took place at a hotel in Chiang Mai.  Anna and Pasuwat came as well.  Anna remembers Patarin and told Pasuwat that Patarin is the one who embezzled them.  Sintorn and Chomanad came to the party as well.  Sintorn pretends that he wants to see Pran too.  That’s why Non has to pretend to be Pran.  Anna told Patarin that Non has a twin brother.  Patarin is shocked.  Chomanad looks down her nose on Patarin marrying for money to pay her debt.  Paratee overheard and demands the truth from Patarin.  Patarin denies the truth and said she really loves Non.  Non as Pran has to go home with Pasuwat and Anna to make Sintorn believes that he is really Pran.  Non went to visit Pran right away when arrived to BKK.


Anna is hurt that Non tries to push her to love Pran when the one she really loves is only Non.  Non asks Anna to take care of Pran because country life is not for her.  He wants her to watch over the business together with Pran and doesn’t want them to separate like his mom and dad.

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Sintorn and Chomanad send Thanawat to work with one of their relatives in Chiang Mai and saw Patarin interviewing for a job.  Thanawat ridicule Patarin for trading her body to marry Non for money.  Patarin is embarrassed, resent and angry at Thanawat.  Coincidentally, Non came to see the scene so he punch Thanawat for reasons that he feels bad and is jealous of her with Thanawat.  Thanawat resent Non so much he has someone follow Non and found out where Non lives.  He finds the time when Patarin is home alone to hurt her.  Patarin fights with all her strengths and good thing Non came back in time to help.  But there is three against one, so they almost lost but Bankay came to help in time.  Patarin fear about what happen and keeps on crying.  Non feels so bad for her that he stays the whole night just to console her.  He finally knows that he loves Patarin.  What would he do if he has to lose her?  That’s why Non decides to tell her he loves her that night.  At the end, the two sleep together.

pat and nadech1

When Pran wakes up, the only person he remembers is Anna.  He becomes mean, angry and easily irritable all the time.  Anna feels discourage and downhearted to receive this mean Pran alone .  Anna travels to Chiang Mai and begs Non to go back with her.  Patarin overheard the conversation and believes Non loves Anna.  This accusation makes Non angry so he drove off even though the storm is coming strong.


Pasuwat and Anna plan right away that Non drove off the ditch.  Thanawat’s underlings witness the scene and went to tell Thanawat, Chomanad and Sintorn.  Everyone understands that Non got into an accident.  Patarin cries and visit him at the hospital in Bangkok, because his father took him to Bangkok.


After this, Pran and Non is then officially switch.  Non becomes a big businessman named Pran.  Pran who is sick pretends to be Non that was in an accident.


Non becomes a cold businessman, play the role to the T.  He never acts nice to Patarin when she came to take care of Pran at the hospital.  Pasuwat begins to feel bad for Patarin.  For the plan to look real, Anna and Non, in Pran’s role becomes engaged.  Patarin doesn’t care because all she care about is Pran who sleeps on the bed because she misunderstands that he is Non.  But she is hurt every time when Pran wakes up and doesn’t know her.  Non is sad for hurting her this way while he can’t do anything to help it.  Pran is also sad that Anna becomes close to Non and he knows that Anna always love Non.

pat and nadech2

Pran gives up and allow Anna to engage to Non and doesn’t want Anna to come take care of him anymore.  He asks that to be Patarin’s role to take care of him.  Pran got better and came home.  Patarin is very happy and keeps taking care of him closely.  Non is green with jealousy and wouldn’t allow Patarin to sleep in the same room with Pran.  He says he will be the one to care for Pran.  Anna starts to feel certain that Non really loves Patarin and force Non to confess his love to Patarin, so that she can finally moved on from him.


Pasuwat falls sick with severe brain tumor that he has to go for a surgery.  Even though Pran’s memory has not return, he also knows about this as well.  Patarin takes well care of Pran because thinking he is Non.  Pran sleeps in his old room and his memories are coming back.  He remembers some of his and Anna’s memories.  Sintorn and Chomanad is happy to know that Pasuwat is sick because they want to replace Pasuwat in the company.  Sintorn plans to framed Pran for embezzling money in the company so that he can become the president of GLS.  If the plan doesn’t succeed then he plans to put the blame on Thanawat and Chomanad.  Chomanad cut Sintorn from her heart from resentment.  Thanawat decides to go shoot Patarin and Non, who is in the role of Pran.  Both have to run and hide that at the end Non have to take Patarin to live in a houseboat.  While Anna and Pran find proof to prove their innocence.


Anna is lay off work so now Sintorn overtakes the company and takes his wife out publicly.  This anger Chomanad farther.  The time that Patarin and Non spend at the houseboat, Patarin sees the fun and happy person in Non.  They become close.  Patarin talks about Non all the time.  Crying that she misses him and want to stay with him but he doesn’t remember her.  Non sympathizes her and wants to tell her the truth that Pran isn’t her husband.


Anna took Pran to the sunflower field which is an important place where Pran loved Anna.  This brings back Pran’s memories.  He finally remembers his password to his computer and find the evident to nail Sintorn.  Pran and Anna decides to return to the company to expose the truth.  Non and Patarin decides to return to BKK.  Pran is happy to see Non back and safe.  So they spoke of the truth including them switching places.  Patarin overheard the truth coincidentally without the two brother knowing.  Patarin is hurt that Non lied to her.  She thinks that Non wants to protect the company and his family that he forgets his feeling for her.  Patarin cries to herself alone.

nadech and taew1

Chomanad works along with Thanawat to kill Sintorn but Pran and Anna walk upon them and call the cops to help Sintorn in time.  Patarin also record Thanawat’s confessing his own crime with Chomanad on the company.  At the same time Chomanad blamed every wrong to Pran, that Pran wanted to kill Sintorn.  Sintorn appears at the company because Pran persuade him to speak the truth for the last time as an uncle.  Sintorn confessed to everything that happens.  He wanted power in the company that’s why he wanted to kill Pran and Pasuwat as well as working along with Chomanad to cheat the company.  Chomanad and Thanawat try to run away but they were caught.  The three of them went to serve their time in jail.


Every thing is revealed at the end.  Non is shocked that Patarin already knows the truth.  He kneels down to apologize.  Even though he lies to her about everything but something that’s never change is his love for her.  Patarin does not listen but returns to the countryside with a painful heart.  Pran is back to normal and continues to manage the company with Anna alongside him.  Pasuwat becomes better.  Non decides to go back to become a country doctor again.  Paratee, Bankay and Natemanee help Non get back with Patarin.  At the end, Patarin gives in because of the love they have for each other.  Patarin returns to live with Non again with a happy ending.


Translated Summary

Source: drama.tlcthai | February 14, 2015


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