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“Lom Son Ruk” trailer released – starring Nadech – Patricia – Taew

“Lom Son Ruk” the romantic drama starring dimple couple of Channel 3 is finally hitting the small screens this month February 26th.  There’s nothing better than watching beautiful people in HD. “Nadech Kugimiya” will be playing twins, giving viewers an extra dosage of his handsome face.   Sweet faced “Patricia Good” and girl next door “Taew Natapohn” will play his leading ladies.

You can check out the first released trailer of this lakorn, we have it subbed at our Dailymotion page




  1. nice, i wonder who will eng. sub the lakorn at you tube. it will be very nice if NAYALH sub it. i wait until some one eng sub the lakorn and until the hole lakorn air. lom son ruk sound very intersted.

  2. Im shipping the couple with nadech and pat. So excited seeing them in this teaser. They look sweet together. But quite sad since i didnt see them so much in mv and also offscreen. Looking forward to this lakorn.

  3. Finally! Goodness never realized how good Patricia and NAdech actually looks together until this trailer. Airing next week right? I’m tuning in.

  4. What a wonderful pair! Maybe it is because she sort of resembles Yaya. I love this pair just as much as Nadech and Yaya! I hope they work more together in the future! They look great together!

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