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Lome Patchata denies getting brow implants or tattooing his brows

It resulted in leading actor “Lome Patchata” losing himself when he was greeted and questioned at “Krungsri’s First Choice Visa Platinum”  event as to whether or not he went and got a face lift, especially around his eyebrow region.  No matter how you look at it…no matter what it looks strange, as you can clearly see.

Lome claims it's all just makeup

Lome claims it’s all just makeup

This has Lome coming out quickly to clarify that the main reason is because he had them drawn on darker than usual.  He also has the opportunity to update on the good news on his father’s cancer that his condition is improving day by day…


Lately for the events you’ve attended your eyebrows look a lot darker than before 

The makeup artist probably went really dark perhaps? (laughs)

It is just the makeup artists going too dark says Lome

It is just the makeup artists going too dark says Lome

Many people suspect that you went and had your eyebrows tattooed

I didn’t tattoo, I didn’t tattoo.  Honestly though my eyebrows are dark already.  But today they could have gone too dark when they made me up (laughs).  Let me take it off if I’m going to get teased to this extent.


Prior to this did you go and get brow implants?

No I didn’t get implants.  It increased on its on (laughs)

Brow implants?  No way!  Perhaps we haven't seen each other in a while?

Brow implants? No way! Perhaps we haven’t seen each other in a while?

Do you find it odd when people approach you about this?

Honestly, I noticed it on my own too (laughs)


But today it looks a lot darker than usual, by a lot 

Perhaps we haven’t seen each other for a while? (laughs)


"My brows are naturally dark"

“My brows are naturally dark”

Give a bit of an update on your father, how is he now?

He’s getting better now.  The doctor said that he’s faring well with the chemo.  His cheeks are filling in and he’s getting plumper compared to before.  You can say he’s a lot happier now (smiles).


Has the doctor advised you of any special care he may need?

Err…At this moment moral support is the most important thing.


That means we can look forward to seeing you accept more work? 

That’s right.  When I see him getting better it also gives me encouragement. It’s just that for now I ask to only accept work that requires little of my time.  As for work like lakorns and other things that require a lot of time I would postpone until the beginning of next year.


What is your father’s opinion on the fact you’ve abandoned your work so you can use the time to take care of him?

Honestly, he wants me out working and not worrying about him since at home there’s already my mom and my sister taking care of him.  For me personally though I want to hurry out and hurry back (laughs).


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Source: Sanook | May 20, 2015

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