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Loud Gossip! Baby Daddy Peter Corp won’t return home or back to station

Goodness we suspect that this year must be a clashing year for wide mouth baby daddy “Peter Corp” because prior to this there was news that he wasn’t making it to his lakorn queue so much so that they had to prepare to plans to change the lead actor. Until finally they gave another chance to the baby daddy leading actor with the promise that his missing work won’t happy again.  It’s a guarantee that if it happened again there won’t be another chance for him to collaborate.  






Instead now there’s another set of rumors to check that since his beautiful wife “Ploy” is nearing her delivery date, a singer like Peter doesn’t return home as often as he did back in the days.  This situation the person who experiences the most stress is probably none other than Ploy his wife because with her belly being big nearing her delivery date she probably can’t go looking for him like she used to.  Goodness just wait until she gives delivery to her second child it’s certain that she will follow and pursue not letting him leave her eyesight, that’s a guarantee.    

Ploy with Nong Panther

Ploy with Nong Panther


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Source: Gossipstar | May 23, 2015

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