Love Changes Shape, GG’s IG Quote

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  1. sandy says:

    Loved them also. 🙂
    It’s quite sad that they ended. They had that young love going on that people kind of wished lasted forever.
    But then again, with fame, comes more work and with more work comes distance and less time for one another.
    She’s a sweet girl and seems so down to earth, seems like plenty of celebrities adore her even though onscreen she’s just a support character.

    As for Mario, with his rising fame, I hope he continues to do well and hopefully he doesn’t forget how he started out. Like pointed out in here, she loved him when he was almost a nobody and even loved him with all his newfound extreme popularity.
    He’s a cute guy and always mindful of keeping his relationship ongoings quiet for her own privacy.

    Maybe in the future, they’ll find one another again.

  2. Pendi says:

    I feel sad for Gubgib, she must love Mario very much, it has been a very long relationship for them, i’m pretty sure she must miss their times together…i do want them to get back together, only if they’ll progress, and not downgrading again…

  3. Chinzee says:

    I don’t feel sad… She and domes girlfriend is absolutely immature and insecure… If people follow them closely and see how bitter these women are .. You would understand why these men aren’t with them or have trouble with them…

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