Mai Davika Blamed for Free; A prey of Dome-Guzjung…

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  1. Suk says:

    Thanks ja..
    Lol is obvious is their(Dome&Guzjung) plan lol..but sadly Mai fall for it, maybe because she really adore Dome since beginning lol..

  2. Mai says:

    I dont think she got blamed for free, cause her intentions werent innocent. She was interested in Dome too. But she was also a victim cause in the end she got played.

  3. Shampoo says:

    Yeah I don’t think she was innocent either but she did got played. Lol

  4. thailakorn123 says:

    Hopefully she learn her lesson.


  5. Kizukami says:

    lol i forget what I wanted to say, gruuuuu >”< but anyways, Mai got played but she always played in the game.

  6. taimaishu says:

    finally I have some free time to register with the blog lol Dome is just a loser now. I was a fan of his back then but now I can’t stand him. A thirty-something still wants to act like a teenager. Good grief. He needs to grow up and date someone his age or someone who will remind him his maturity level. And his gf is such a attention seeker. Mai got played but it was her fault too for trying to get involve with a taken man and she probably assume Dome was going to leave his gf for her lol

  7. Qass says:

    Poor Mai. lol..
    I hope she learned the lesson. Never involved with someone else relationship.

  8. chang bg says:

    I WATCH THEIR NEWS. My comment is Mai is totally not involve any relationship with Dome. They were close in the movie but not outside the movie. I guess she is treating him likr a brother because of age gap she dare not think too far. But nevertheless, both of them are matching.

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