Mai Davika denies celebrating Songkran with Dome; Keeps silent about Ae Supachai

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  1. how wisht’s true i love mai and dome together i love them next to YARRY.i understand if she denied it cause it’s really embarrassing in her part as a girl dome’s break up with his gf was just too recent.

  2. Yiyo says:

    Is it evil for me to say “thank goodness Dome and bitter guzjun’s chapter is finally over.” I’d hate to feel that way about other women because I’d rather empower them, but I was sick if her drama. As for Mai .. SuSu na kaa..!!!

  3. Lovely girl says:

    Wao ! Very very happy that hear news about Mai & dome again. I like this couple so much . And I pray everyday give Mai & dome can love each other. Su Su na Mai.:)

  4. Lee says:

    Obviously this is the old news but I can say that Mai always appears beautiful wherever she goes.

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