Mai Davika denies plastic surgery allegations from Ae Supachai’s camp

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  1. Honda says:

    At the very least Mai had her nose and eye lids done, I’m willing to bet on this. I don’t get why celebs like to hide the fact that they got work done.

    • anon says:

      Mai has eyelid tape on her left eye. I don’t see any difference with her nose. Contouring does the trick in most of her big events. When you look at her side profile back then and now, it’s the same.

  2. vic says:

    Her face looked more plump when she appeared on the woody show recently. I think.

  3. Lovely girl says:

    I see her pic when she was young, her nose is good sinc that time.

  4. asl says:

    oh my gawd. is she serious? “i am half caste.” is she implying that if we r not half caste, then it isn’t our face or that those who r not half caste doesn’t have a sharp nose bridge? lol

  5. non thai people says:

    she just too plastic for me

  6. Zazoured says:

    Plastic surgery or not , I find Mai less and less attractive. Her personality is not helping either.

  7. noona says:

    Being half caste doesn’t guarantee that you would have perfect face, oh come on, even 100%white people always have their nose done. If you do not want to confess that you have done the plastic surgery then bring up something smarter to say. Honestly, it’s really no big deal if you have. As long as you looks better and have more confident.

  8. Faely says:

    It’s obvious she did her nose lol

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