Mai Davika holds back discussing lawsuit against Ae Supachai

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  1. Princess says:

    She’s 20 yrs old, sure look old for her age

  2. Lovely girl says:

    Ae is devil, why alway hold Mai not let she go? Maybe joules her that she famouse now. I hate him very much. Mai ! Su Su. I wait to see your new lakorn with Kan.

  3. Lovely girl says:

    Princees : u are a girl or boy? Why ur mouth very bed like this. Maybe youre face also very bed or very old than Mai. Coz u alway jealous her every day.

  4. See says:

    This girl is getting more annoying by the minute. Sure Ae is an annoying, greedy attention w**** but regardless he is the one who brought her to fame. He is the one in the beginning who used sneaky tatics by creating news of her having a fling with Nadech, fighting with Yaya, talking with Weir etc etc. He attached her name to famous people to garner attention for her and later found her modelling works. He plays dirty but it worked. She shouldn’t be so ungrateful to the hands that once fed her. If she was that unhappy with his management, she should have discussed things earlier. This could have ended more smoothly if she explained and handled the situation better but no. For someone who seems mature, she was very childish. She went to the public saying she left Ae but left the doors open to more problems by posting silly comments on IG and responded that she doesnt want to comment on Ae. Well missy, if you’re going to tell the world that you left your manager people will obviously want an explanation and she didnt come up with one. Shes asking for more trouble. The funniest thing about her is how she claims to be natural because shes luk kreung. Wth. She did her teeth, eyes, cheeks and got her skin bleached. If she did minor things she could get away with denying but she pratically did her whole face. She’s lucky that she came out looking pretty as oppose to someone like Pat Napapa. Shame because she had a lot of potential. Her acting is so so but she can develop into a good actress if she took more classes. She’s an attractive girl who possesses all the qualities of a good model however she ruined things by letting jealousy and attention get to her head. She may be popular at the moment due to PMPK but with her attitude and immature behavior, I see her following the footsteps of someone like Pinky Savika.

    • Kizukami says:

      Do you have an account on spicy, join us
      this comment is the my favorite ROFL, so funny lol and you wrote what I’ve been thinking about Mai too

  5. SS says:

    I’m so pitty nong Mai . She alway got attack frome the bad person.

  6. Lalita says:

    You’re forgetting about her nose getting done as well. And her two cheating scandal, one basically confirmed lol

    • See says:

      LOL! How on earth did I forget to mention about her obvious nose? Thanks Lalita. I didn’t talk about her scandals because even though there was proof with Dome, people still think she’s innocent which is laughable. As for Mario and Weir, she might not be the exact reason for the break up but there’s no doubt that she plays some role in the mess. Rumors can be false but the same ones will only come back to you if there’s any truth to them. She was never innocent to begin with. Remember the one of her dressed in minimal clothes in a bedroom kissing some supporting actor? When she first started off her career, she was trying hard to be cute but slowly revealed her true colours through various actions such as being snobby towards Pancake and Yaya and unfollowing ppl she hated on IG. She’s only nice to those she doesnt view as a threat. So when ppl claim that she’s innocent and so down to earth friendly, I’m shaking my head lol. I can be viewed as the bad person for saying all these things about Mai and I could careless because that’s my opinion. Its not even like I’m making stuff up. As a general person, I hope Mai learns to grow up and start learning from her mistakes. I know many friends who are fans of her but sadly, all she’s done hasnt justified for the love and support those have given her all this time

      • Lalita says:

        See, now that you mention it, I never thought about her cheeks. Losing weight doesn’t make your cheeks bigger. Another thing to already growing resume of surgery. Her face is as fake as her personality

  7. Demi says:

    P’ae has been in the business for a very long time.. I hope she is careful. As far as her image goes she’s starting to NOT seem very innocent trying to play the innocent role. Hopefully she doesn’t let her fame get to her head because I do still like her. *cross fingers

  8. Teda says:

    Don’t you guys know that losing weight, wearing alot of makeup changes the way you look. Of course its going to make her look different. In her pictures without makeup on her IG, she still looks the same, but very skinny.

    • Mai says:

      Yes it’s true, she built a nose bridge with foundation lol

      • See says:

        5555555 Mai. Sorry but the most you can do with makeup for your nose is contouring. If makeup can transform someone to have a nose bridge then ppl wouldnt need to spend thousands on surgery. I dont get why being a fan means you need to deny and make excuses for your favorites when it comes to surgery. When its that obvious, might as well acknowledge it instead of fighting a war you already lost.

        • Mai says:

          lol I was being sarcastic

          • Kizukami says:

            Her makeup is made in China, u know the Chinese do wonder lol
            u guys are so funny
            couldn’t stop laughing =)) these by far are my favorite comments 5555555+

          • See says:

            Lol i know that Mai. I was referring to those who brought up the excuse of makeup

        • Demi says:

          Well I’ve taken cosmetology classes and I’m a Mac make-up artist for over 6 years now…so yes you would be surprised at what makeup can do .. Especially in Countries like Thailand, Japan, and China. They have shit out there that will transform you without surgery.. Not that I’m saying nong Mai didn’t have surgery but most of her looks is from stage makeup.. Her artist does amazing work. But still that attitude of hers need to change. Karma will run her to the ground.

          • Mai says:

            Makeup can only do so much, can only enhance your features, not change it lol

          • Demi says:

            @mai I gotta be honest .. I have a flat nose.. No Bridge.. But good contouring does wonders for me.. If only I can upload pictures for u guys lol

    • Toshia says:

      Hehe you know you might be right. You can grow a bone in your nose from makeup, get a new set of teeth from makeup, and get double lids from makeup. I wish I knew what makeup she is using.

  9. Mey says:

    LOLz, I can’t stop laughing at Lovely Girl comment! Hahaha like really???

  10. Shampoo says:

    Dang it sure is hot in here. Lol

  11. Chica says:

    Never thought Mai D. was attractive nor a good actress. You know, she can just quit the biz completely. LMAO. Jk. Seriously though, she can, ’cause she killed Roy Leh Sanae Luang for me.

  12. Mai says:

    @ Demi, I get what you’re saying. But you can only make it look like you have a bride using contouring. It doesnt make you grow bone from ur side profile. Countering only works on ur front profile, not side profile lol. I know a lot about makeup too.

    Then also Mai’s eyes used to be saggy, she didnt have prominent eyelids as she has now.

  13. See says:

    I take my word back. She’s not a good actress. When she first started off in Ngao Kamathep, I thought she was decent for a newbie and I skimmed through Tawan Tor Saeng and was impressed with her crying scenes. After paying close attention to all her other lakorns, dang this girl overacts a lot! What irks me is how she lets her over confidence show through her acting. When she’s portraying an innocent role, she’s far from convincing but instead comes off so rai. With Rasa in TTS, she was so annoying! I’m tempted to call her the actress with no moderation. Everything from her speech to her eyes, such an over exaggerator. But I think she’s one of those who can get away with being a bad actress to many because she is decently attractive on screen. Goes to show what a shallow world we all live in.

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