Mai Davika impressed with “Pe Mak Prakhanong” making 44million to date

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  1. princess says:

    she act in anything beside crying and weak nang’ek. Sorry not Mai fanclub. Like her at first then her lakorns start to be long and boring.

    • alwaizemeeh says:

      I don’t know about her too..But that’s only because of news…I haven’t seen any of her lakorns and not planning on it.. I truly feel she is a third hand.. Plus she left Ae as soon as she made it big.

  2. lee says:

    Not a Mai fanclub but love Mario 0.0

  3. asl says:

    Cover your eyes if you are a Mai’s fan and skip over to the next comment. I say most of the success comes from the refresh storyline although it is a remake, technically not really a remake… haha if that made any sense at all? Mario as the lead and GHT reputation. All the movies I have seen from them were great. Mai didn’t do much acting in here LOL It’s almost like Twilight, everyone else carried the show except for Kristen S.

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