Mai Davika – Mario Maurer stands firm on their “sibling” relationship

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  1. Kwan says:

    I think when they say “talking to each other,” what they’re trying to say is that of course they still communicate with one another but not in the courting one another kind of talk. Just the casual talk. I don’t want to assume either.
    I’ll just leave it the way it is for these two. I can really careless in a way. 555

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m confused about Mario’s replies. He’s denying it yet he’s hinting that there is a possibility in the future. Mai, on the other hand, is strongly denying all of it while Mario seems to be interested. Are they doing a joint interview or what? Seems like separate interviews where one is contradicting the other behind each others’ backs.

  3. Mai says:

    I think what they’re trying to say is, they’re talking at the moment, but their status is still innocent, but they leave the future open to a romantic relationship. If they are dating Mario doesnt want Mai to be seen as 3rd hand..same goes for Mai.

  4. Lee says:

    She is a poisonous flower, don’t date her!! Nooooooooo….!

  5. Susie says:

    Is there a link to watch the interview?

  6. SS says:

    If Mai & Mario is a real couple , I’m very happy. Mai beautiful , Mario handsome.

  7. princess says:

    This whole thing sound like jennifer, brad pitt and angelina jolie
    but of course in thailand way.

  8. Aquar says:

    I love Mario to go for a woman of his dream.. A woman that can make every bit of his life happy.. And can shower his world with laughter, while being serenaded by this woman’s great singing voice, and who can cook good food for him. I hope he can find one… Or he might have found one already. Who knows?

    • alex says:

      @aquar… I think I know who you are hinting at… I just don’t want to be bashed here by his fans. And I don’t want to jump ahead of their current friendship. I just hope when it’s time for the revelation, fans will learn to accept. It’s Mario’s life and we want his happiness at the end of the day. That’s what a true fan is.

  9. Pinky Maurer says:

    Mario is a kind-hearted prince.
    We should understand for Mario.
    I know Mario is so busy with his works.
    So he sometimes sleepy.He is so so tired.
    Let’s understand for our prince.
    We r Mario’s fans!!Ok??

  10. kat says:

    I think mai davika is some what no good bc, she’s always causing between relationship give it up…u are cute & can’t find one that doesn’t have an owner….silly!

  11. kat says:

    Mario on the other hand, deny things…yup, it’s all about image. For me rather spoke the truth and be who I am…no matter if a fan like nor hate u …that’s show biz…I didn’t notice him til saw the movie rising sun, he amazing so handsome

  12. AngelieJSNY says:

    Well it’s already September 17,2017. Three years had passed already and I still hope that Davika and Mario will develop feelings for each other. Also in December, current year, they have a new lakorn entitled Buang Bunjathorn. I’m really looking forward to it. Much love from Philippines???

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